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Extra LS3 Power, The Simple Way

Chris Endres May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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The VMax throttle body is CNC-machined and completed with a smooth finish. It also removes a subtle lip from in front of the throttle blade, straightening airflow. This porting typically results in an airflow increase of at least 30 cfm. This does wonders for curing the LS3's chronically rich factory calibration without having to make any adjustment to the tune.

VMax throttle bodies are available for all LS-powered vehicles on an exchange basis. They're CNC-machined to smooth and straighten airflow past the throttle plate while avoiding the tip-in stumbles that plague some home-ported jobs. Installation is a simple procedure that doesn't require any tuning. Owners routinely report power increases of 8-10 rwhp and fuel-economy improvements of 1-1.5 mpg with no other changes. And since Incaudo uses a stock unit as the basis for the VMax, it's totally stealth. That's a lot of value for $150.

Halltech's new Killer Bee intake system claims to produce a full 12-15 rwhp without any permanent modification to the car and no tuning. The Killer Bee utilizes Halltech's proprietary Killer Bee Filter and bridge, which is designed to accept the stock Delphi MAF sensor for simple installation. The unit retails for $499.

Prior to starting further modifications, AntiVenom replaced the stock air-cleaner assembly and baselined the car on the dyno. With these numbers established, Lovell and crew systematically tested each modification independently to verify each piece's contribution to the combination.

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With the Killer Bee temporarily removed and the stock tune back in the car, it was time to bolt up the VMax throttle body. Installation was so easy even an auto writer could do it.

If you've already skipped ahead to review the results, you might be tempted to think that the Halltech system was only worth a few horses over the throttle body. According to Lovell, this isn't necessarily true. In fact, he tells us that we just reached the point of diminishing returns, where the engine was getting all the air it could ingest. If the same testing regime were carried out on a car with a greater appetite for air--say, one equipped with headers or an aftermarket camshaft--the gains would likely have been even greater.

On a horsepower-per-dollar basis, the VMax throttle body is the clear winner. It performs flawlessly while improving power, improving fuel economy, and sharpening throttle response. That's not to say the Halltech piece isn't worth having. But its higher price for basically the same performance means you won't realize its full potential without further mods, such as headers. Headers--say, there's an idea!

Dyno Results
Configuration 1.
Baseline: stock intake, stock throttle body, stock calibration: 363.80 rwhp/354.22 rwtq

Configuration 2.
Halltech intake, stock throttle body, stock calibration: 378.57 rwhp/363.72 rwtq

Vemp_0905_08_z Simple_mods_2008_chevrolet_corvette Aftermarket_throttle_body 4/14

With the VMax, the stock air intake, and the factory PCM calibration in place, it was time for another pull. The C6 shocked all in attendance by laying down 377.83 rwhp/366.97 rwtq. Yes, you read it right: Simply bolting on the $150 throttle body provided nearly the same results as the more expensive intake and tune.

Configuration 3.
Halltech intake, stock throttle body, AV calibration #1: 375.71 rwhp/369.07 rwtq

Configuration 4.
Halltech intake, stock throttle body, AV calibration #2: 378.52 rwhp/365.87 rwtq

Configuration 5.
Halltech intake, stock throttle body, AV calibration #3: 379.46 rwhp/367.68 rwtq

Configuration 6.
Halltech intake, stock throttle body, AV calibration #4: 379.79 rwhp/369.24 rwtq

Configuration 7.
VMax ported throttle body with stock tune: 377.83 rwhp/366.97 rwtq

Configuration 8.
VMax ported throttle body and Halltech with stock tune: 377.86 rwhp/363.90 rwtq

Configuration 9.
VMax ported throttle body and Halltech with AV tune: 380.87 rwhp/369.36 rwtq

Total Gain From Baseline:17.07 rwhp/15.14 rwtq


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