Corvette Nitrous System - C6 Squeeze Play, Part 2

Part 2: Installation Wrap-Up And Dyno Testing

Randall D. Allen Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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When it comes to delivering huge power and torque increases at an affordable price, it's hard to beat a well-designed nitrous-oxide system. As we showed you last month, Nitrous Outlet of Waco, Texas, offers C5 and C6 nitrous kits using the company's innovative EFI plate technology. Available in both 78mm and 90mm throttle-body versions, the plate solidly mounts between the TB and intake manifold and provides a cleaner appearance than traditional "nozzle based" systems. Additional advantages of the plate configuration include superior nitrous and fuel distribution, resulting in more-consistent performance.

Before heading back to Nitrous Outlet to complete the install, let's recap our progress. After introducing the Nitrous Outlet LS1/LS2 90mm EFI Plate System (PN NO-10108-10) destined for installation on Clint Allen's automatic-equipped '07, we detailed the procedure of safely mounting a nitrous bottle (in this case, two of them) in the car and installing the rest of the kit. Both the wiring for the nitrous system and the main nitrous-feed line were run through the firewall, leaving us just short of connecting the line to the engine.

Now, follow along as Nitro Dave Vasser and the technicians at Nitrous Outlet complete the install. Once that's done, we'll take a drive over to Real Performance Motorsports (RPM) in Lewisville, where the car will be dyno-tested and -tuned.




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