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Corvette Nitrous System - C6 Squeeze Play, Part 2

Part 2: Installation Wrap-Up And Dyno Testing

Randall D. Allen Feb 1, 2009
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When it comes to delivering huge power and torque increases at an affordable price, it's hard to beat a well-designed nitrous-oxide system. As we showed you last month, Nitrous Outlet of Waco, Texas, offers C5 and C6 nitrous kits using the company's innovative EFI plate technology. Available in both 78mm and 90mm throttle-body versions, the plate solidly mounts between the TB and intake manifold and provides a cleaner appearance than traditional "nozzle based" systems. Additional advantages of the plate configuration include superior nitrous and fuel distribution, resulting in more-consistent performance.

Before heading back to Nitrous Outlet to complete the install, let's recap our progress. After introducing the Nitrous Outlet LS1/LS2 90mm EFI Plate System (PN NO-10108-10) destined for installation on Clint Allen's automatic-equipped '07, we detailed the procedure of safely mounting a nitrous bottle (in this case, two of them) in the car and installing the rest of the kit. Both the wiring for the nitrous system and the main nitrous-feed line were run through the firewall, leaving us just short of connecting the line to the engine.

Now, follow along as Nitro Dave Vasser and the technicians at Nitrous Outlet complete the install. Once that's done, we'll take a drive over to Real Performance Motorsports (RPM) in Lewisville, where the car will be dyno-tested and -tuned.

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Before strapping the car down, the nitrous bottles are filled and mounted, and the valves are opened. RPM also runs a tach signal from the dyno to the engine and places a wide-band O2-sensor probe in the exhaust. RPM's Brian Lohse then fires up his laptop, connects it to the computer-access port on the C6, and downloads the stock LS2 tune. Once the dyno session begins, Lohse uses HP Tuners software to log each run and adjust the timing for the nitrous pulls.

With the Nitrous Outlet plate system installed and the engine fully tuned, Allen's car put down a peak reading of 483.6 rwhp at 5,500 rpm-a full 144.7 horses more than its baseline of 338.9 (also at 5,500). Even better, the LS2 lay down a staggering 522.2 lb-ft or torque at 4,200 rpm-up 188.3 lb-ft from its baseline of 333.9 at 4,300.

As impressive as the peak readings were, the average increases were even more so. An average horsepower gain of 146.9 demonstrates that the LS2 was making tremendous power across the entire rpm range. Average torque, meanwhile, increased by 157.4 lb-ft. It isn't often that an aftermarket power adder delivers such impressive gains "beneath the curve."

While the performance potential of the Nitrous Outlet system is undeniably impressive, it's important to keep in mind that such performance can only be achieved from a properly installed and tuned combination.

"It's critical that the user understands how the system functions and either has the skills to install it or finds a qualified shop to perform the job," Vasser says. "Once the system is installed, it is highly recommended that a tune be performed to maximize 'safe' power. We suggest using a wide-band O2 to determine air/fuel ratio and tuning to achieve air/fuel ratios in the 11.5 to 11.8 range."

Not one to rest on his laurels, Vasser tells us Nitrous Outlet is hard at work developing additional new parts for the Corvette market.

"In addition to completing development on a C6-specific solenoid-mounting bracket, we also offer the kit with the option of a 15-pound nitrous bottle," he says. "We've even recently developed a dual-stage kit for the 90mm throttle body, for additional power increases.

"Whether an enthusiast is looking to put a plate kit on a C6 or to install a conventional wet or dry system on a stock or highly modified LS engine, our technical support can discuss the various system options and assist in each step-from parts selection all the way through installation and support."

Big power gains plus high-octane customer service-if that's not a formula for winning performance, we don't know what is.


Nitrous Outlet
Waco, TX 76712



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