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ProCharger C6 Blower Install - Blasting Impressions

Procharger's LS3 Blower Kit Makes ZR1 Power Numbers-Without The ZR1 Price Tag

Christopher R. Phillip Jun 1, 2008
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Our recent first drive and dyno test of an '08 Corvette ("RepeatPerformance," VETTE, Apr. '08, revealed that, inaddition to being an impressive performer in stock form, Chevy's new LS3engine also responds enthusiastically to basic horsepower modifications.But whereas there are numerous aftermarket parts available for thelong-running LS1 and LS2 powerplants, the LS3's more-recent introductionmeans there are comparatively few bolt-ons out there for the '08 Vette.

Fortunately for the truly speed-addicted, there's ProCharger (, the first manufacturer to market asupercharger kit engineered exclusively for the LS3-powered model.According to ProCharger Marketing Director Jeff Lacina, the company'snew H.O. Intercooled system includes everything required to turn a 430hpstocker into a 620hp whiplash warrior.

"The ProCharger system provides a 40-45 percent horsepower gain, withjust 5-6 psi of boost, on a stock LS3 engine running pump gas.Additionally, the ProCharger features the industry's most effective andhighest-flowing intercooler system, thus providing the engine with thecoolest charge-air temperatures for maximum performance and longevity,"he said.

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ProCharger's H.O. Intercooled supercharger system comes with detailedinstructions and everything needed for a clean, hassle-freeinstallation. Production systems will include a handheld ECMre-programmer loaded with custom, application-specific tuning.

We already had a more-than-passing familiarity with ProCharger'sindustry-acclaimed products for the C5 and C6. Indeed, a quick review ofthe last two years of VETTE turned up numerous high-output feature carsusing ProCharger blower kits, along with a pair of exclusive, "firstlook" tech articles on the company's latest supercharger offerings. Withthis kind of exposure, it's little wonder that ProCharger systemsrepresent the most popular form of artificial aspiration currentlyavailable for EFI Corvettes.

ProCharger's first complete Corvette system, for L98-powered models, wasreleased in early 1996, followed by an LT1 kit in 1997, and systems forthe C5 and C6 in 2001 and 2005, respectively. "Developing a superchargerfor the LS3 Corvette was a natural progression of ProCharger's designphilosophy and its reputation for producing reliable horsepower with theearlier LS1, LS2, and LS7 cars," Lacina explained. "AProCharger-equipped LS3 Corvette represents an outstanding performancevalue when compared with a stock Z06."

Sold on the promise of 150 extra hp at the rear wheels, we decided toorchestrate the country's first installation and dyno test ofProCharger's newest Corvette blower system. The complete install tookless than a day and required no permanent modifications to the body orpowertrain. As for the results, well, suffice it to say that justifyingthat '09 ZR1 purchase just got much more difficult.



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