C4 Corvette Suspension Rebuild - Front And Center

Part 4: Our '87 C4 Gets Back On The Straight And Narrow

James Miles Jun 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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If VETTE were a puzzle book, locating the various installments of our"Front and Center" C4-suspension build would be akin to tracking downthe protagonist in the Where's Waldo? series. Come to think of it,finding Martin Handford's iconic capped character has often been mucheasier than sniffing out our '87 "Son of Zombie" coupe.

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With the steering rack already pulled from the car, we got to work. Thisimage shows the rack after having been degreased and sprayed clean witha high-pressure hose.

Several of you have written in to ask how the project is going(something I appreciate greatly, by the way) and why we haven't includedit in the magazine on a continual basis. The reason is pretty simple:I've been busy working on the car.

A very large portion of 2007 was spent reworking the body panels. As youmight imagine, this is no small task-especially when you're correctingwork previously performed by so-called professionals. We'll have more onthat in the months ahead, along with all the details on the paintingprocess.

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A quick inspection showed that, although slightly faded, the flexiblecovers were in one piece.

For now, I'd like to put the finishing touches on the disassembly andrefurbishing of the car's front suspension, a job we began early lastyear. (For the most recent installment, see our Sept. '07 issue.) Followalong as we complete the final chapter of our "Front and Center"suspension-build series.

Parts list

Rack-and-Pinion Poly Bushing kit (Corvette Central PN 564254)

Rack-and-Pinion Boot Clamp (PN 564364)

Inner Tie Rod End (PN 574593)

Outer Tie Rod End (PN 574580)

Front Sway Bar Bracket (PN 573040)

Front Sway Bar Frame Bushing, Poly (PN depends on model year and options)

Front Sway Bar Poly Bushing Kit (PN 574567)


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