Corvette ZL435 PerformancePac - Power Switch

SLP'S Mildest C6 Performancepac Proves Plenty Potent

Christopher R. Phillip Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Having recently dissected a variety of C6 forced-induction systems, we decided to take a slightly different tack with our latest sixth-gen upgrade project. Two criteria were set: First, we wanted to noticeably increase the car's horsepower and performance using only bolt-on parts; second, we wanted to be able to install the entire package in four hours or less. After a little Internet research, we determined that the SLP ZL435 PerformancePac would likely allow us to accomplish both of these goals.

With a package selected, we asked SLP Director of Engineering Hank Daniecki for a more in-depth description of the ZL435's selling points. "The ZL435 Pac is a great entry-level performance package for any C6 enthusiast," he said. "All included parts are easy bolt-on items that add a significant gain in horsepower and torque. Best of all, most DIY'ers should be able to handle the installation in their driveway."

The ZL435 PerformancePac comes with a choice of three exhaust systems, each designed to provide a unique sound. Our system came with SLP's Loud Mouth mufflers, the most aggressive of the bunch. The other options include the slightly quieter Loud Mouth II (package price: $1,689) and the comparatively demure PowerFlo (package price: $1,739). Despite their divergent sonic characteristics, all three systems are said to make virtually identical power on the dyno.

Our SLP ZL435 package retailed for $1,639 and included the following:

* Blackwing Cold-Air Induction
* Loud Mouth Exhaust System
* DiabloSport II C6 Programmer with SLP Custom Tuning
* 160-degree Thermostat
* ZL435 Fender Badges (pair)

Follow along as we install and test the SLP ZL435 PerformancePac on an '07 C6 convertible.


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