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Corvette Twin-Disc Clutch - Congratulations, It's Twins

Fidanza Births A New Ultra-Performance C5/C6 Clutch, And Vette Delivers An Exclusive First Peek

Christopher R. Phillip Sep 14, 2007
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Big horsepower, coupled with enthusiastic driving, can flash-fry a stock Corvette clutch in seconds. Fortunately for us performance-minded types, the drivetrain experts at Fidanza have just released a new line of street-friendly, twin-disc clutch packages. Photo by Mike Roberts

Traditionally, the chief disadvantage of a twin-disc clutch design has lain in the area of driveability. Simply put, to enjoy the race-quality performance and durability one of these units delivered, you had to give up comfort and convenience on the street.

Not anymore, according to drivetrain specialist Fidanza. The company's new twin-disc offerings promise to deliver OEM-style user-friendliness along with the ruggedness and clamping force of an ultra-high-performance racing clutch.

And we do mean ultra-high performance. According to Fidanza Vice President Bob Scheid, the new line is designed for LS-powered Corvettes generating up to 900 lb-ft of torque. "The twin setup is a totally different unit when it comes to holding power," Scheid says. "The capacity is greatly increased [over a single-disc clutch], as you can see from the torque ratings."

But here's the real shocker: Scheid claims these innovative twin-disc clutches feel and behave much like the OE Chevy unit that ships with every new Corvette. "The Fidanza twin setup does have a similar pedal feel to the stock unit-no heavy leg is needed," he says. "The Kevlar and ceramic discs also have a stock-type engagement feel. The setup height is even the same [as the stock Corvette clutch], so the factory throw-out bearing can be used."

Two distinct personalities in one bulletproof package? That's exactly what Scheid says the new Fidanza twin-disc clutches provide. "What we've done is taken the best of both worlds and melded them together into a unit that delivers very [street-] friendly performance," he says.

Our research found that the new Fidanza twin-discs appear to have some other distinct advantages as well. First, the installation should prove comparatively simple, since the Fidanza units preserve the stock setup height. Second, pedal pressure is not dramatically increased, so these clutches should be easy on the leg. Third, the floater plate has been strapped in an effort to eliminate the noise and vibration problems that have plagued twin-disc clutches in the past.

Thinking about buying a heavy-duty clutch for your high-output LS Corvette? Before you do, follow along as we take a closer look at the new Fidanza twin-disc packages.

Fidanza Twin-disc Clutch Package Specs
Weight: 20 lbs
Flywheel Material: T-6061 aluminum
Ring-gear and Heat-shield Material: 1045 steel
Clutch Material: Kevlar or ceramic
Applications: C5 and C6 Corvettes (LS1/LS2/LS6/LS7)
MSRP: $1,250 Kevlar/$1,450 ceramic



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