1987 Corvette Front End Makeover - Front And Center, Part 3

Part 3: Rebuilding Our C4's Front Suspension

James Miles Aug 9, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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For those of you just joining us, here's a quick recap. A few months ago, we completely disassembled the front end of our "Son of Zombie" project '87.

We've spent the past few months improving our Corvette's front-end components on a cosmetic level. In this installment, we finally get down to the more serious business of a front-suspension overhaul.

For parts, we turned once again to the C4 experts at Corvette Central. The CC folks supplied us with what they call their Front Suspension Rebuild Kit with VBP Polyurethane Bushing Conversion (Part Number 574629). This all-encompassing package included fresh, factory-spec replacements for all of our C4's worn-out suspension components, along with a full complement of Vette Brakes & Products high-performance polyurethane bushings.

With our parts spread out on the garage floor in front of us, we began the process of reconstruction. While the job required no small amount of time and effort to complete, we're quite pleased with the final result. And now that the two halves of the front end are back together, all that is left to address is the steering. Stay tuned.

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And that's that. In our next installment, we'll wrap things up with a rack-and-pinion rehash using the final components from our Corvette Central kit.


Corvette Central
Sawyer, MI 49125
Vette Brakes & Products Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
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