C6 Corvette Twin Turbo System - The Perfect Pair

APS And DTE Team Up To Create The Ultimate C6 Twin-Turbo System

Chris Endres Jan 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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APS's high-output stainless steel exhaust is claimed to deliver tremendous exhaust-gas flow and low backpressure. Both are critical for delivering maximum horsepower, crisp throttle response, and great gas mileage. Premium 3-inch stainless steel tubing is precision-welded to perform at the most extreme power levels. The correct tube diameter, smooth-radius mandrel bends, and muffler design are all essential for high performance.

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Turbocharger-specific metal-matrix catalytic converters and a 4-bolt-flanged balance tube are included.

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Careful attention has been paid to exhaust noise and quality without compromising performance. The APS system reputedly produces a strong exhaust note without creating drone at highway-cruising speeds. We were unable to verify this as our test C6 was equipped with a different exhaust setup.

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As installed on an otherwise-stock C6, the APS system delivered 552 rwhp and 513 rwtq on the DTE chassis dyno. This equates to around 690/641 at the crank-on an otherwise-stock LS2 engine! These numbers were achieved on 93-octane fuel, through high-flow catalytic converters, the stock H-pipe, and Magnaflow mufflers. Boost pressure was set at 9 psi, and the DTE turbo-specific torque converter was left unlocked. As of this writing, the car has made a best pass of 10.89 at 129 mph on Mickey Thompson E.T. Drag Radials.

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While there are a number of APS-authorized dealers in the U.S., DTE was among the first to install the package, and its techs already have a wealth of experience with the system. That experience has taught them a few things, and they have responded accordingly. DTE now adds the following exclusive components to every APS twin-turbo install it performs:

- Comp heavy-duty pushrods
- Comp heavy-duty valvesprings
- DTE-exclusive stainless steel hose clamps
- Random Tech high-capacity stainless steel catalytic converters with custom turbo-outlet mounting flanges for retained emissions compliance and OEM appearance
- Rear O2-sensor harness extensions
- Fully welded exhaust system for leak-free joints and OEM fit and appearance
- Low-temperature thermostat
- Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil
- ACDelco oil filter
- NGK V-groove spark plugs
- Custom billet-aluminum DTE fender badges and coil-cover decals
- DTE custom, dyno-based PCM calibration
- DTE written two-year/24,000-mile component and workmanship warranty
- Stage II '05 automatics also receive an upgraded torque converter and transmission.


DynoTech Engineering Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
APS Engineering Pty. Ltd.
South Croydon, VIC 3136


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