C6 Corvette Twin Turbo System - The Perfect Pair

APS And DTE Team Up To Create The Ultimate C6 Twin-Turbo System

Chris Endres Jan 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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APS provides engine-management program data on CD for download into the stock computer. The APS data is designed for 93-octane fuel in an otherwise-stock, LS2-engined C6 Corvette. The stock ECU is reflashed using the popular HP Tuner. The reflash can also be performed by the tuner of your choice with HP Tuner's software. In the case of our yellow convertible, DTE proprietor Phil Rickard performed a full-blown custom tune on the car on his shop's in-house dynamometer. Rickard has extensive experience with forced-induction Corvette applications (he cut his teeth working on Lingenfelter's twin-turbo program in the late '90s) and was able to pull considerably more power out of the car than would have been available with the "generic" APS programming. Given the extensive-and expensive-nature of the APS turbo upgrade, we'd consider a custom tune such as this mandatory for maximum power and reliability.

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The bolt-on precision fuel system comprises a range of components designed to support huge horsepower while retaining excellent fuel atomization, economy, and driveability in day-to-day driving conditions.

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APS supplies a set of drop-in quad-orifice fuel injectors that flow over 800 cc of fuel per minute. In addition, MSD's Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is utilized to deliver optimum fuel pressure to the injectors regardless of engine load or boost pressure. Installation is straightforward, maintenance is very simple, and long-term durability should prove exceptional.

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The method by which air is routed from the air cleaners to the turbochargers, on to the intercoolers, and finally to the engine has a huge impact on engine power and torque delivery. Twin air filters feed air to each turbocharger via durable hoses and precision-TIG-welded, stainless steel ducts (shown). Once the air is compressed by the turbochargers, the charge air is routed to each intercooler via reinforced high-temperature silicone hoses.

Vemp_0703_16_z C6_corvette_twin_turbo Air_intake 6/27

A truly "balanced" solution is implemented in the APS intercooled twin-turbo system. The total ducting-path length and effective bend radii of the left turbocharger are precisely matched to that of the right-side turbo. This ensures that both turbochargers operate in harmony throughout the entire engine-rpm range, regardless of throttle position and boost pressure. As our test drive showed, the result is perfect street manners in day-to-day driving conditions but with prodigious power on tap with just a press of the throttle.

Vemp_0703_17_z C6_corvette_twin_turbo APS_fuel_return_system 7/27

For ultra-high-horsepower applications, APS has developed the optional Extreme Performance Full Return fuel system. Designed to operate with high-power turbocharged/supercharged forced-induction systems, the heart of the system is the drop-in replacement surge-tank/fuel-pump assembly. This unit incorporates twin high-volume fuel pumps, a return circuit, and a provision for the stock fuel-sender assembly. The Extreme Performance setup is essentially two complete fuel systems, each with its own pump, rail, and pressure regulator. This system delivers a huge volume of fuel at a steady fuel pressure that is balanced and boost-referenced. Each of the individual systems is capable of supplying enough fuel to support 500 hp.


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