Crate Expectations - Prepping A GM Crate Engine For Install

We prep our ZZ4 350 crate engine for installation in Son of Zombie

James Miles Jul 12, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0609_01_z Son_of_zombie Crate_engine_prep 2/25

Several months ago, we placed an order at Purifoy Chevrolet for a ZZ4crate engine (GM PN 24502609).

When it comes to an automotive project, you know you're nearing thoseall-important final steps when you begin to worry about the engine. Thismonth, Team VETTE focuses on preparing our future powerhouse--a GM-issuedZZ4 crate motor--for installation. This popular small-block is availablefrom any GM parts dealer; we ordered ours from Purifoy Chevrolet.

Unhappy with the idea of dropping an anemic L98 intake onto our350-plus-horsepower crate engine, we'll be taking this opportunity toupgrade to an ACCEL Super Ram. While this John Lingenfelter-designedpiece is hardly cheap, its benefits are reported to be well worth theprice tag. While we're at it, we'll also be adding one of Proform'sGM-licensed electric water pumps to improve cooling and add a few extrahorsepower.

In future installments we'll cover the items excluded this round, suchas the location of the oil-pressure-sending unit. More involved jobs,including sensor placement and the exact details of the ACCELinstallation, will get their own articles. Until then, here's a quicklook at what we've got going on under--er, outside of--the hood...


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