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1987 Chevrolet Corvette Insulation - Fire Sale, Part 1: Insulating Your C4

Insulate yourself against heat and sound

James Miles May 15, 2006
Vemp_0605_01_z 1987_chevrolet_corvette_insulation Post_funfest 2/19

The car arrived, post-Funfest, in less than desirable condition.

Just as all good things must come to an end, all good Corvette projectsmust also have a beginning. With our C4 project car cooling its heels atVETTE's editorial office in Tampa, we've finally started the legwork ofgetting the "Son of Zombie" back on the road.

We kick off round one by laying the groundwork for a relatively vintageVette with modern accoutrements. In the past 20 years, the automotiveaftermarket has made major advancements in every sector, fromaccessories to full engine packages. But all of this is for naught ifclimbing into your Vette's cockpit is like sitting next to a jet engine.Thankfully, companies such as Cascade Audio have filled the niche withproducts formulated to keep you shielded from the heat and sound of acar whose once cool-and-quiet capabilities have either worn out or arein need of a boost.

Vemp_0605_02_z 1987_chevrolet_corvette_insulation Process 3/19

The removal process started with the hood, bumper, signed window decals(which we saved)...

After taking a quick look at the current condition of our subject '87,one might ask, with good reason, "Are you crazy?" As you'll see, we havegone a little batty with this Vette and have torn it down to its basicelements. The reason? If you're rebuilding a car, you might as wellrebuild it right.

Upon getting (literally) knee-deep in the Vette, we discovered the car'sfirewall pad was a little worn--particularly in the far right corner,where the heater core had sprung a leak. After removing the pad forinspection, we decided that stepping up to some modern technologycouldn't hurt.

Vemp_0605_04_z 1987_chevrolet_corvette_insulation Zz4_crate_engine 4/19

...and the ZZ4 crate engine from Purifoy Chevrolet.

With a call in to Tampa's Corvette Shop & Supplies for a replacementpad, we contacted the folks at Cascade Audio. After receiving some soundadvice on "sound advice," we decided to procure some of the company'sThermaGuard thermal insulating coating to beat the heat, and some of itsVB-1X vibration-damping material to keep road noise at a minimum. We'llcover the installation of these products in the near future. This month,sit back and take a look at our first steps toward making thehardest-working (and hardest-looking) C4 in the industry a little more"sound."


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