Bumper Crop Part 1: Early C4 bumper update and replacement

Son of Zombie gets a facelift with ACI's fantastic plastic late model C4bumper replacement

James Miles Jan 23, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0603_aci_01_z 2/18

When it comes to the C4's generation gap, you either like the bodyupdates or you don't. Team VETTE is fond of both versions. Honestly, oneof the finer points on the C6 is the C4-esque taillight--those circlesembedded in its rear found throughout the '80s. But, interiorrefinements aside, if we had to choose, we'd pick the '91-and-beyonddesign for its sleeker, better-looking nose. So, what's an owner todo--short of trading in his ride--if he feels a little wanton wheneyeing a later-style Corvette? The answer has been on the market foryears, and comes in the form of an update kit from the boys and girls atAmerican Custom Industries.

0603vet_02z 1987_Chevrolet_Corvette Front_Corner_Disassembling 3/18

Mike Meyers gets started by removing the front bumper on our subject'87, "The Son of Zombie."

ACI, a leader in the Corvette body-panel marketplace, has several kitsavailable for nearly every generation of Corvette, ranging from stockreplacements to wild-looking conversions. This month, we focus on the'84-'90 Wide Molding Update Package. Listed under PN AAK970, thiskit comes with nearly everything you need, down to the lights ifrequired. For the install, we visited Denver's Strictly Vettes. In asingle afternoon, Tim Gutierrez nearly completed the required work, andthe rest of the week was spent blending the pieces into the Vette'spanels for a seamless fit. Look no further than the photos to see how wedid this, and stay tuned for future installments.


Mid America Motorworks
Effingham, IL
Strictly Vettes
Denver, CO 80022
American Custom Industries
Sylvania, OH 43560




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