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C3 Corvette Shifter-Console Repair For Dummies

James Miles Dec 15, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0603_07_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Sheet_metal_plate 2/13

A quick trip to the workbench with some tin snips, and here's what we traded our slip of paper for.

Vemp_0603_08_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Sheet_metal_plate 3/13

We checked for fitment, and the new piece seemed to work correctly...

Vemp_0603_09_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Adhesive 4/13

...so we added some auto-grade adhesive to help strengthen the bond.

Vemp_0603_10_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Metal_plate_installed 5/13

Using pop rivets to hold the sheetmetal in place, we moved on to the final steps.

Vemp_0603_11_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Guide_hole_drilling 6/13

With the console plate in position, we drilled a couple of guide holes in the sheetmetal.

Vemp_0603_12_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Finished_top_view 7/13

After replacing the screws, everything should hold just like new. If you're not set on keeping your OEM piece, keep in mind companies like Corvette America stock new repro pieces that should match your interior code.


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