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C3 Corvette Shifter-Console Repair For Dummies

James Miles Dec 15, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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As cherry as we'd like to keep them-or as modified as we're willing to make them-some parts on any shark are going to wear out. The plastic in our early vintage cars just doesn't stand the test of time and eventually falls prey to the ravages of wear. One such spot is on our subject '72's shifter-console housing. As the tabs retaining the shifter-console plate dried and became brittle, vibrations from daily use cracked these small pieces of plastic and caused the whole assembly to become loose and rattle around as the Vette rolled down the Interstate. If this sounds familiar, read on.

With the problem and cause identified, it's time to move on to a solution. If you're looking for a replacement, look no further than Corvette America, (800) 458-3475, www.corvetteamerica.com. The company has made a name for itself in the Corvette-interior market, and the '68-'76 shifter console is no exception. If, on the other hand, you're unwilling to part with your OEM piece (or you're cheap like us), this quick repair can have you driving rattle-free in no time. All it takes is some sheetmetal, tin snips, and a little time. You're looking at 30 minutes of work, tops, and you get to retain your original piece. Follow along as Corvettes By Dreamworks shows us how this repair is accomplished.

Vemp_0603_02_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Plate_removal 3/13

Removing the console plate is easy if the plastic tabs that were once part of the console housing are missing. We set out to remedy this problem.

Vemp_0603_03_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Tabs 4/13

In two opposite corners, you can see where the tabs were in our subject '72. Nothing out of the ordinary happened here-these pieces simply dried out over time and became extremely brittle.

Vemp_0603_04_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Template 5/13

Our next order of business was to make a template using a piece of paper.

Vemp_0603_05_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Template_cutting 6/13

A few snips...

Vemp_0603_06_z C3_corvette_shifter_console Template 7/13

...and we had a template to use for some thin-gauge sheetmetal.




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