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Installing A Hurst Classic Shift Knob In A Six-Speed C5

Rob Wallace III Mar 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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While the cockpit of a C5 Corvette is comfortable, ergonomic, and relatively functional, it's not exactly a tour de force as far as style. GM has kept the C5 interior rather understated, which leaves a lot of room for enthusiasts to personalize it. Our friend Tony Correia made a functional-though-invisible upgrade last year by installing a Hurst Billet/Plus(tm) Competition Shifter in his six-speed '99 convertible ("Shifty Business Part Two...Hursts So Good," Nov. '02 issue). At that point, Tony topped the Hurst short-throw shifter with the stock boot and shift knob.

Since then, Tony's been anxious to add some visual excitement to the spectacular feeling he has rolling through the gears. For a bit of a nostalgic flavor in his late-model sports car, Tony decided to replace the stock black leather-wrapped shift knob with a white "cue-ball style" Classic Shift Knob from Hurst (PN 163 0056). This shift knob is designed to be a direct replacement item for '97-04 C5 Corvettes with six-speed T-56 transmissions and is even engraved with the six-speed gate pattern. The installation could not be simpler-requiring all of 15 minutes and a few everyday tools to perform-but its muscular look greatly rewards the effort invested.




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