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How To Get C5s Shifting Quicker And More Precisely With A Billet/Plus(tm) Shifter

Bob Wallace Nov 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0211_22_z Short_throw_shifter_installation_1999_chevy_corvette_c5 Accumulator_piston 2/21

We're in the home stretch, but we've got a couple more tasks under the car before we're ready for reassembly. First of all, there's a hole to be plugged (arrow) before re-installing the 4th accumulator piston and spring into its housing as well as these two holes in the transmission casing (arrow).

Vemp_0211_23_z Short_throw_shifter_installation_1999_chevy_corvette_c5 Washer_stacks 3/21

The 2nd-4th gear servo is on the passenger side of the transmission, and is a bit hard to get at. Once removed, this unit has been overhauled with the parts from the TransGo kit, and is ready to go back into the transmission. We'll end up with firmer shifts; the degree of firmness can be adjusted be altering the washer stack contained within the servo.

Vemp_0211_24_z Short_throw_shifter_installation_1999_chevy_corvette_c5 Petroleum_jelly 4/21

After properly positioning the separator plate gaskets and holding them in place with petroleum jelly (don't forget the checkballs!) the transmission can be reassembled. Once the trans is refilled with fluid, a test drive is definitely in order. This trans has been reborn with a whole new attitude, and the improvement in shift quality is marked.

Vemp_0211_25_z Short_throw_shifter_installation_1999_chevy_corvette_c5 Transmission_reinstallation 5/21

The 2nd accumulator assembly is reassembled with these thick washers and new springs before being reinstalled into the transmission. Depending on the number of washers used, 1st-2nd shift firmness can be adjusted.

Vemp_0211_26_z Short_throw_shifter_installation_1999_chevy_corvette_c5 Drain_plug 6/21

We finished up by installing this super-sano billet trans pan from PML. In addition to the cooling fins, this piece has both a drain plug and a temp gauge fitting. Due to the pan's thickness, the stock shift cable bracket needs to be modified. Tune in next month, and we'll show you how it's done.


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