1985 Chevy Corvette Z51 Cooling Overhaul - Oh So Cool

A Cooling System Rehab Helps An Early C4 To Cruise 25 Degrees Cooler

Seth Millhollin May 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0205_07_z 1985_chevy_corvette_z51_cooling_overhaul Radiator_removal 2/36

To take the radiator out, you will have to remove all the shrouding that holds it in place.

The subject car was in very good condition and had fairly low mileage. For this reason the water pump we took off was in excellent condition and will be stored to use as a spare. Some of the other items (radiator hoses, vacuum hoses, etc.) will deteriorate just from getting old, much like the ones on this car. All the hoses were starting to get soft, and the radiator was definitely clogged by corrosion. The lower baffle (air duct) was also a large part of the problem on this '85. Actually, it was more of a lack thereof. The ducting was in very poor shape and probably wasn't directing a whole lot of air where it was supposed to go.

The passing of time will cause some parts of any car to go bad. It is extremely difficult to keep your Corvette "feeling" young, but it can be done. You can and must make sure it receives the correct treatment for any ailment it may acquire. That is why we installed a brand-new cooling system in this '85, instead of just replacing a worn-out electric fan motor. That is also why instead of running at 215 to 220 degrees, it now runs at a consistent, and oh-so-cool, 180 degrees.




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