Dual Master Cylinder Brake System On Your Corvette - Stop! Stop!

Converting A Solid-Axle To A Dual Master Cylinder Brake System

Tony Kelly Apr 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Bright and early we roll in to Bill Kenney's shop, unpack our parts, and get ready to watch a pro at work. The Master Power Brake kit MC1781 K includes a dual master cylinder, mounting bracket, adjustable pushrod, bleeding fixtures, and mounting hardware.

Driving a stock solid-axle Corvette has a charm of its own, but there's no excuse for being unsafe. We wear seatbelts, so why not upgrade the brake system to avoid a catastrophe caused by a brake system failure? Master Power Brakes offers a reasonably priced kit that converts the master cylinder to a modern, split (front and rear are separate), dual chamber master cylinder. It isn't difficult to install and, should it ever be desirable to return the car to original configuration, there are no permanent body or mechanical modifications. Best of all, you wind up with a master cylinder that can be counted on to at least have two wheels braking if things go wrong, rather than the very exciting "no-wheel" braking that the original system offers.

With the help of Bill Kenney of Kenney's Street Rod Garage in La Habra, California, we had the job done in two hours. Of course, we were reminded that old Corvettes are always a little unique, so we spent some more time handling that problem, but we still have to say that the MPB kit could easily be installed in less than half a workday by most people with basic mechanical ability. We did have the chance to deal with the technical staff at Master Power Brakes and we like what they do. No hassle and they're very knowledgeable and helpful people who are obviously "hands-on" car folks.

The proof of brake kits is in the driving and this one worked great. The pedal pressure was nearly the same as original but the amount of stopping power delivered was great. Not having objective measurements available leaves us relying on the "seat-of-the-pants" feel developed over years of driving this car, but take our word for it-it stops better with the new system than it did with the old.


Master Power Brakes
Mooresville, NC 28117
Kugel Komponents
La Habra, CA
La Habra,, CA 90631




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