1964 Chevy Corvette - Tootin' Your Own Horn

Fixing A Mid-Year's Turn Signal And Horn Controls.

PJ Rentie Jun 5, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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Many of the components in a Corvette's steering column are subjected to high levels of wear. Think about it. What's in the steering column? There's the steering shaft, turn signal switches and controls, and the components for the horn. The steering shaft doesn't actually wear, so let's skip that part. In contrast, the horn circuitry is a "high wear" item, as it always needs to have contact with the horn button, regardless of steering wheel position. The constant contact means that there's constant wear. What about the turn signals? Ever drive a car where the turn signal doesn't cancel by itself after the turn? Whatever the cause, it's the self-canceling mechanism that's broken. The bottom line is that these components don't last forever, and if you own an older Corvette, you can pretty much bet that somewhere along the line something in the steering column has ceased to operate.

Our subject 1964 Chevy Corvette exhibited several steering column-related problems. In addition to the broken self-canceling mechanism on the turn signal, the horn was non-functioning, not to mention that the horn button itself was incorrect (it was a '65-66 button). The owner of this Vette frequently drives it on the street, so it's important that these items function correctly. Fortunately, there are several companies that have the parts needed to bring this ailing '64 to better-than-new condition. The owner of this mid-year convertible ordered all of the necessary pieces, including the turn signal switch, signal lever, horn hub mount, brush connector, and horn button, from Corvette Central to restore the steering column components. Loy McKenrick of Auto Perfections in La Habra, California, performed the installation. Everything is pretty much a straight swap, and the end result is a functioning horn, turn signals that self-cancel like they're supposed to, and a steering wheel with the correct horn button. This '64 is now ready for another 26 years on the road!




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