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C5 Convertible Windscreen - Nuthin' But Net

Taking Convertible Cruising Up A Notch With The Vette Net

PJ Rentie Apr 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)
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Becky Beal knows what she wants and knows what she likes. If she doesn't like something, she knows that she has the power to change it. For example, she liked the new C5 Corvettes, so she traded in her German-engineered Mercedes SL320 convertible and drove away with America's Sports Car.

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Although she loves her drop-top Corvette, there was one thing she missed about her Mercedes. Each SL320 leaves the factory with a "windscreen." This screen, mounted behind the driver, cuts down the turbulence inside the cockpit and makes for a nice driving experience. Unfortunately, Becky's Vette didn't have such a device, nor did any of the Corvette aftermarket suppliers. Not one to let something like a non-existing part stop her, she took matters into her own hands and came up with the Vette Net.

Driving without the net, the wind comes in and smacks your head, tosses your hair about, and sucks your cap off of your head, whether or not the windows are up. You can't hear the radio very well, or the person in the passenger, seat for that matter. The Vette Net makes driving a C5 convertible more livable, and much more enjoyable, with the top down.

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The Vette Net is designed to work with the windows "up" and creates a calm environment with minimal turbulence, as Becky demonstrated for me. Her hair wasn't tossed around, and it was considerably quieter inside. We didn't have to yell to speak to each other, we didn't have to blast the radio to hear it, and we could even operate the air conditioning! We enjoyed every creature comfort at highway speeds, but still took full advantage of the fact that we were in a convertible. The Vette Net is simple in concept, yet ingenious in design-it's even patented! It's comprised of only three pieces, there are no holes to drill, and installation takes about a minute.

When it's not in use, the net can store easily in the trunk, and the brackets fit in one of the trunk's cubbyholes. It's very lightweight, which makes it easy for anyone to install, and its construction is clean enough that it can be mistaken for a dealer-optioned component. Becky's working on a Vette Net for C4s that should be out soon, but in the meantime, she has her hands full supplying C5s. Who knows, maybe when the Corvette goes into its 2001 production run, they'll be one of these in every trunk!

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The Vette Net
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