Chevy TH2004R Transmission Build - Stout & Small

You Can Build A TH2004R To Handle 400-800 Horsepower

Doug Marion Apr 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0904_04_z Chevy_TH2004R_transmission_build Valvebody 2/13

The 2004R valvebody's shift plate is modified to Art Carr's specifications.

Art Carr's California Performance Transmissions sells its transmissions like Burger King sells its food-any way you want it. The basic 250-horse-capable 2004R transmission begins at about $1,600 without extras, plus shipping. A 400-horsepower version begins at $1,799 without any extras (plus shipping). The 800 horsepower-capable 2004R's pricing begins at $2,400. All Extreme Duty 2004R internal components are available individually. A complete transmission parts kit, part number 11251 (less friction band) is $295. Visit the CPT website for more product and pricing information.

Author's Note:
California Performance Transmissions is the only company Art Carr is affiliated with. He sold his original company, Art Carr Transmissions, in 1997, only to see it move to Abilene, Texas, as well as Northridge, California. He is not part of either company.




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