Tremec Overdrive Transmission - Full-Size Gear-Jammin'

We Show You How To Hit The Highway With A Tremec Overdrive In A Classic Impala.

Mike Harrington Aug 8, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0707_13_z Tremec_overdrive Transmission 2/19

The transmission is temporarily installed again and the offset shifter is tightened into place.

Sucp_0707_14_z Tremec_overdrive Trim_carpet 3/19

Up top in the cab, the carpet is trimmed away in order to make room for the shifter's new position.

Sucp_0707_15_z Tremec_overdrive Clearance_issue 4/19

Here's why the new Tremec is temporarily installed. There are slight clearance issues with the top of the transmission and the tunnel in which it sits.

Sucp_0707_16_z Tremec_overdrive Hammer 5/19

Fret not about the clearance issues in the trans tunnel. Grab a 5-pound hammer and create some new real estate. Draw a line where the tunnel needs to be peened out and have at it. It really is easier than it looks or sounds.

Sucp_0707_17_z Tremec_overdrive Tunnel_made 6/19

Now that the tunnel has been pounded into submission, the new TKO-500 is ready for its final install. Needless to say, all the hardware, including the new speedo cable, is provided from Classic Chevy 5-Speed. If new aftermarket gauges are being used, a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) will need to be ordered at the time of purchase.

Sucp_0707_18_z Tremec_overdrive Tubular_transmission 7/19

The new tubular transmission crossmember is also provided in this kit. Not shown in the photo is the transmission mount/bushing.


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