Lenco Street Transmissions - Shifting Point

The Ultimate Race Transmission Can Now Be Used On The Street

Dan Sanchez Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0102_09_z Lenco_street_transmissions Clutch_pack_assembly 2/47

This is the clutch pack assembly that's ready to be installed into its housing. Each assembly will have a different gear-reduction ratio that determines where on the transmission it will fit.

On the track, however, the low 48 percent first gear should be enough to launch any powerful car hard, and the transmission's history of performance won't let anyone down. The biggest benefit to Pro Streeters is that you don't have to worry about overheating, flashing the torque converter or other maintenance costs-as there are none. The only exception is replacing the pressure plate and resurfacing the flywheel after a long period of use, and frequently changing the transmission fluid about every 400-500 miles.

Although the initial cost is more than a well-built TH400, the longer durability and low-maintenance cost of the Lenco will pay for itself in the long run. Furthermore the Lenco allows you to achieve 3,000-rpm launches at the track and 1,000-rpm take-offs from the stoplight, depending on how long you leave your foot on the clutch.

To demonstrate the inner workings of the Lenco ST-1200 transmission, we followed along as one was being assembled for use in Truckin' Magazine's World's Fastest Street Legal Pickup. Our sister publication is attempting to build an 8-second quarter-mile, '68 Chevy pickup which will also embark on a 450-plus mile trek from Los Angeles to Phoenix without any other changes. The truck runs a big-block Chevy that makes 1,100 horsepower on pump gas and lots of nitrous oxide. They opted to use the Lenco ST-1200 as it would be a great opportunity to show the tranny's durability and strength by running the truck on both the track and street.




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