1968 Camaro Currie Enterprises Drivetrain - Force Multiplier

We Take The First Step In Getting Our ’68 Project Car Back To Roller Status By Building A New Rearend At Currie Enterprises.

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We’ve been making steady progress massaging our ’68 Camaro’s battered body back into shape over at Best Of Show Coach Works in San Marcos, California, but after a while you get tired of sucking in body-filler dust and crave a change of pace. What better way to break up the monotony of block-sanding than to wrench together some go-fast parts? So we decided to move on to the rearend assembly that will eventually help propel Project Track Rat down the road and through the cones.

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We’re not planning on dropping in a big-horsepower engine; most likely something a bit under 500 hp (remember back when 500 hp was considered big power?), so there is no need to kill the budget on parts way beyond what’s required. That’s the secret to building a nice, reliable car on a reasonable budget. It’s all about balance and choosing parts that complement each other. Building a 1,000hp engine and backing it up with a stock 10-bolt rearend is as goofy as putting the strongest rearend available behind a stock 350 small-block.

With that in mind, we opted for a middle-of-the-road mix of parts rated a bit above our target power levels. This way we will be able to pound the snot out of our Camaro without fear of the rearend blowing apart under the back of the car. The rear FAB9 housing was stronger than we needed, but the extra cost would easily be offset by all the hours we would save on installing the rear suspension and as they say, "time is money." Plus it just looks cool. So follow along as we head over to Currie Enterprises to build the first part of Track Rat’s drivetrain.


Currie Enterprises
Corona, CA 92880
Sacramento, CA




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