1972 Chevrolet Corvette Scarlett Project Car - Six-Speed Manual

More Gears, More Fun - Installing an American Powertrain six-speed manual in our '72 project car

Jeremy D. Clough Jun 2, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Reservoir Bracket 2/34

24 Next, we fabricated a bracket to mount the reservoir to the side of our Hydratech Hydroboost brake booster. Part of the hood-latch assembly would ordinarily fit in here, but since we’ll switching to a pinned hood, the linkage has been removed.

White Lightning 3/34

25 Our trans came with American Powertrain’s White Lightning shifter, which uses an offset arm to locate the shifter handle in the proper location in the console. In our case, we wound up having to use a longer offset than the one that came installed.

Tape Over Mounting 4/34

26 After removing the shifter before installing the trans, we taped over the mounting hole to keep out debris. As it turns out, simply peeling back the tape revealed enough of the mounting surface to bolt the shifter in place, without cutting any fiberglass. (We did later trim a strip of ’glass off the passenger side to ensure adequate clearance.)

Factory Style Rubber Shift 5/34

27 While we had ordered a factory-style rubber shift boot (right) to help seal the shifter opening in the trans tunnel, it turned out to be far too small for our purposes. Help arrived in the form of a universal Mr. Gasket shift boot, which we bolted and bent into place.

Screw In Block Off 6/34

28 Removing the rubber seal that the automatic shifter cable passed through left another hole in the trans tunnel. Using a bandsaw, drill, and press brake, we made a block-off plate and screwed it in place, sealing it up with a little black RTV for good measure.

Corvette America Updated 7/34

29 Since the factory data plate was no longer accurate, we ordered a blank plate from Corvette America and had Street Shop’s Ted Whitney engrave it with the correct information for our LS3.

Paragon Corvette Reproductions New Console 8/34

30 We also ordered a new console plate from Paragon Corvette Reproductions, which came with a four-speed shift map that would have been correct for a stock manual ’72. I carefully pried off that map, cleaned the double-sided tape off the plate, and reinstalled the custom-machined six-speed shift map that matches our T56.

Leather Shift 9/34

31 The final piece required to finish off our new console plate was the leather shift boot, which we ordered from Corvette America. We needed to remove the chrome-ball shift knob and Reverse-lockout T-handle to slip the shifter through the boot when installing the console plate.

Shifter Installation 10/34

32 With the correct shift map and data plate in place on our Paragon console plate, we installed the latter item over the bare shift handle, then reinstalled the ball shift knob and T-handle. All that remains now is to get the motor plumbed, wired, and running again so we can start rowing through the gears.


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