Torque Converter Selection - CHP How It Works

Driveline Pros At TCI And Pro Torque Offer Hard-Hitting Insight On Torque Converter Selection & Design.

Stephen Kim Nov 12, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Loose & Tight
Joe Rivera: "Traditionally, part-throttle slippage has been one of the drawbacks of a performance converter in a street application. It makes the converter feel mushy at part throttle and compromises driveability. Thanks to our race technology trickling down to our street converters, that compromise is a thing of the past. Outlaw turbo drag cars are the most difficult application to build a converter for because you need them loose on the bottom end of the track and tight on the top end. This forced us to get creative and test several new stator designs. Through lots of experimentation, we can now loosen up a converter on bottom without reducing efficiency up top. To accomplish this, we take a stock converter and put one of our stators in it. That one change alone raises stall speed to 3,000 rpm. Our billet stator yields excellent driveability with little to no part-throttle slip, which eliminates that mushy feeling typical of a high-stall converter."


Pro Torque
Bohemia, NY 11716
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