1994 Pontiac Formula Circle D Specialties Converter Update - LT1 Formula Project Update

Our Emerald Green Gen II Fourth-Gen Arrives in Florida and Screams to Its Best E.T. Ever

Following some last minute changes at Tune Time Performance in Toms River, NJ (before its chariot ride down the coast to our new home base in Tampa, FL), our LT1 Formula project car got a little help in the sixty-foot department thanks to Circle D Specialties. Chris Sehorn at Circle D custom-designed a Stage I Billet Series 4C converter for the Formula's 355 cubic-inch mill and powerband. A single disc, 245mm diameter converter was plenty strong enough for the little Gen II with headroom to withstand a healthy shot of nitrous (hint, hint). Meanwhile its 3600-3800-stall speed and torque multiplication would easily compensate for the Formula's modest 3.42 rear gears. We weren't expecting the greatest gas mileage around town, but on the highway it should do nicely.

1002gmhtp_01_z Taken_out Our_lt1_transmission 1/5




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