1967 Chevrolet Camaro - Dynacorn Show Car Buildup Start-To-Finish Part 3

Firewall Smoothing, Engine & Transmission Mockup, Rearend Installation

Bob McClurg Jan 4, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_01_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Front_view 2/42

In the November 2006 issue we concluded part two of our Dyacorn Classic Bodies, Incorporated "Dynacorn Gem," 1967 Camaro show car buildup series with the initial mockup assembly of both our Chris Alston Chassisworks Camaro front sub frame, (a rock-solid piece if there ever was one) along with the assembly of our bullet-proof, Wilwood Engineering-equipped, Currie Enterprises "9+", 31-spline, 3.89:1 geared, live rear axle housing.

In our third installment, we're going to cover a number of subjects.

First: Since the Dynacorn Gem 1967 Camaro big-block is a street machine, it was not necessary to maintain that OE appearance. Given this fact, the builders decided that the '67 prototype should feature a filled and smoothed firewall according to current street machine standards, which will be initially covered in this installation.

Sucs_0600_02_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Firewall 3/42

"Chop, Cut & Rebuild" cable TV host Dan Woods identifies the areas to be filled in on the Dynacorn Camaro firewall for TV viewers at home. They include the heater and the windshield wiper motor holes along with a veritable ton of stamped mounting holes which would normally be used to bolt up the OE engine compartment accessories, were this a re-body, or concourse restoration.

Second: With firewall filled, smoothed and re-worked, we'll finish bolting together the Chris Alston Chassisworks CNC die-stamped and laser-cut boxed-steel 1967-69 Camaro front sub frame, (p/n 917701) complete with 2x4-inch boxed-steel front crossmember and Wilwood Engineering-equipped, Chassisworks unequal length a-arm front suspension, and bolt it up for the first time to the '67 Camaro unibody.

Third: In regards to the aforementioned 9.6:1 compression, four-bolt-main, 502-cid ( 4.47 x 4.00-inches) Holley 850-cfm-cabrureted, GM Performance Parts "502/502 Deluxe" big-block Chevrolet crate engine (p/n 12496962) rated at 502 HP (@ 5200 RPM and 567 lb/ft. or torque @ 4200 RPM; and accompanying Keisler-Tremec TKO-600 five-speed manual gearbox equipped with a SACHS 11-inch clutch and 650-pound pressure plate housed in a Lakewood bell housing, we will also be installing one of Chassisworks Rear Transmission Cross members (part of the kit) as well as adding a pair of Chassisworks F-Body sub frame connectors.

Fourth: Last, but certainly not the least, we'll be Trial fitting our Currie Enterprises 3.89:1 geared, "9+" 9-inch live rear axle up to our '67 using a Classic Industries Camaro Rear Leaf Spring and Spring Shackle Kit. Since all parts are new in the modern Currie 9-inch rearends, we don't have to use that "F" word in describing this part anymore.

Sucs_0600_03_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Firewall_grinding 4/42

With potential weld-in areas identified and duly marked, Woods uses a wheel-a-brator to initially open up these areas.

Obviously, this is a pretty ambitious undertaking, especially since the American Musclecar's, Incorporated crew (consisting of Project Director Bret Maxwell and helpers Jeff and Brad Martin) were given just eight weeks to have the Camaro ready for its grand debut at "Hot August Nights-06," not to mention the fact that they were also working around a film crew and one lone still photographer throughout the entire car building process.

Follow along with us as we transform this pre-production 1967 Camaro Replacement Body Shell into an awesome looking and performing big-block Camaro street machine the American Musclecars, Inc. way.

Sucs_0600_04_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Welding 5/42

Then American Musclecars, Inc. craftsman Jeff Martin begins TIG welding in some of the smaller holes.

Sucs_0600_05_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Firewall_grinding 6/42

Dan Woods progressively follows up with a small die grinder to clean away excess welding slag from the filled-in areas.

Sucs_0600_06_z 1967_chevrolet_camaro Windshield_wiper_motor_mount 7/42

One of the bigger areas in need of filling was the Windshield Wiper Motor mounting location which measures approximately 1-1/2 x 12-inches. When the car is completed, it will use a Specialty Power Hidden Windshield Wiper System, adapted by Perez' American Muscle Car crew, to fit the car.




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