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High Voltage! The Back to the Streets Camaro

Feb 12, 2013

Our Back To The Streets Camaro is nearing the final stages of its transformation from a dedicated bracket car to a modern day street brawler. This journey has been a ground-up endeavor, with every aspect of the car being addressed. The chassis, engine, suspension, and body have all been upgraded.

Unfortunately the coverage of the project was stalled for a while as we took a little break after we got it back from Mercer County Vocational School’s paint booth. A couple of months ago we figure the break was over and pulled it back into the Tampa Snap-On Tech Center to finish it.

This month’s installment is going to touch on the installation of an American Autowire (AA) Factory Fit harness. We still have a lot of components off the car so we won’t be able to power up the new harness but as car builds go, things need to be done in stages and we are at the lay wires stage. The old harness in the car had been cut and spliced so many times it wasn’t even worth saving. We wanted to install a new harness in the car, but we wanted the easiest solution possible. We contacted Michael Manning, president of American Autowire, and told him what we were trying to accomplish. He explained to us that AA has multiple options for our car, but the Factory Fit is what we needed. He said the Factory Fit line of harnesses is a true plug and play system that is used to restore the vehicle to original specifications.

AA also has the Highways Series, Builder series, Power Plus series and Classic Update kits. The Highway series kits are modular style, meaning the wires are not pre-connected to the fuse panel, and all power circuits are wired from the outside into the fuse panel—you place the fuse box and wire everything into it. The Power Plus and Builder Series kits feature integrated fuse panels that are designed to mount under the dash. All connections are done from the fuse box out requiring termination of each wire at the final connection point. The Classic Update Series kits combine aspects of a generic kit, with those of a vehicle-specific kit. Classic Update kits provide as much plug and play capability as possible, while accommodating the increased circuitry and free routing requirements of a street rod kit design.

Again, for our project the Factory Fit was the way to go since all the components in the car pretty much have a stock hook up. We may need a few upgrades in the way of an electric fan and possibly a bigger audio system, but other than that the car is pretty much stock.

Since the Factory Fit is a plug and play install, we didn’t need to hire a professional electrician, which kept some extra coin in our pocket. We were ordering other things from National Parts Depot for the Camaro, like interior items and such, so we decided to grab the American Autowire harnesses at the same time. This simplified the process and kept everything in the same shipment again saving us a little money. j

American Autowire
800/482-WIRE National Parts Depot


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