Breathing Easier & Looking Better: Exhaust System

Rob Fisher Feb 13, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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When last we left ol’ Project 98, the new 400 cid Dart motor was comfortably between the framerails and a monstrously rebuilt Monster 700-R4 was bolted up. The car would finally move under its own power, but it still had open headers. And while open headers are insanely cool, they make cruising the Jersey Shore for big-haired honeys a little more difficult. Naturally, we had to find a good exhaust system that would let our small-block breathe while providing a wonderfully nasty, powerful sound that would entice a certain blue-eyed brunette.

Enter our friends at Summit Racing. They recommended a system from Pypes, which turned out to be one of the few true dual exhaust systems for these cars. We chose its crossmember back system, which features 16-gauge, mandrel-bent, stainless steel pipe, 409 stainless mufflers, an X-shaped crossover pipe, stainless clamps, stainless hangers and polished stainless tips. It came from Summit complete in a single box and turned out to be truly simple to put in—however we did run into a small problem, which you will see in the following pictures.

We also ran into a much larger problem when the stock hood wouldn’t clear the new air cleaner. Sure, we could have just pulled the insulation out and probably have been fine, but being as this is Exit 98 we had other … bigger plans. Thanks to the folks at Harwood, our ’88 Monte SS looks tougher, breathes better and is one step closer to paint.

Enough chatter; let’s get to it. j

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