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The interior of a car is usually overlooked as one of the main cool factors of a super Chevy. The driveline, paint job, and stance are on the top of the bragging list, but the fact is we interact with the interior the most. Upholstery is usually sourced out to a shop since it takes special skills and tools, but we are here to tell you upholstery can be done at home. We're not talking about sewing up a custom interior; we are talking about restoration and mildly modified. Thanks to aftermarket companies, you can get pre-sewn seat covers, headliners, carpet kits and so on that you can install at home. We have scoured our archive to bring you some of the best tips and tricks on the subject of interior restoration. Lastly, we provided a nice fat source list at the end of the story so you know where to get the products mentioned throughout this article.

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18 Kick Some Jams Our last tip we can pass along has to do with adding speakers to a muscle car. None of these '60s/early '70s-era cars were designed with great audio systems, so adding modern speakers can be a real pain. A great way to get some full size speakers up front without doing any permanent damage to the doors or door panels is to buy a set of these new kick panels from companies like Year One, National Parts Depot, or Original Parts Group. They are redesigned to house the speaker and still fit in the interior. The E-brake will need to be spaced over, but other than that is the simplest way to flush out your audio system.


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