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Corbeau GTS II Seat Install - Performance Seating

Performance seating at its finest!

Jun 5, 2012
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With aftermarket suspension, tires, and brakes getting better and better, the older muscle cars and classic Bow Ties are capable of handling way beyond what the Chevy engineers could expect back in the day. One issue that almost immediately shows up after doing a suspension upgrade is the lack of bolstering support in the factory seats. All this new suspension stuff helps the car stick to the road, but makes it much harder for you to stick in the seat. Nobody wants to be holding onto the steering wheel for dear life just to keep from bouncing around in the interior like a Pachinko ball.

We have a '70 Camaro Z28 in the garage that will soon be receiving an entirely new suspension system and the stock seats just won't cut the mustard. We wanted a seat that would do the job of holding us in without being too extreme looking and yet still be comfortable enough for daily driving.

The answer to our request came from Corbeau in the way of the company's GTS II. This seat, according to Corbeau, is ideal for the daily-driver owner who wants a sporty stock look, while still maintaining aggressive comfort. The seat was designed with thigh and kidney supports, while still maintaining a stock-ish appearance.

The GTS II is constructed from a strong, lightweight, powdercoated tubular steel frame that is tied together with springs. Then high-density, injection-molded foam is added to give the seat its shape. Lastly, a cover is applied in either leather, cloth, or (in our case) microsuede. The microsuede not only looks plush, it also has a non-slip property to it so you almost stick to the seat but not in an uncomfortable way. The seat also features a reclining mechanism that allows the seat back to be adjusted. Unlike other reclining seats out in the market, these have a spring system in the recliner that brings the backrest back up when you hit the lever like modern factory seats. Corbeau sells all of its seat materials by the yard so you can recover you rear seats to match your new fronts.

To make installing the seats into earlier cars simple, Corbeau has come out with vehicle-specific track systems. The company has tracks for just about every Bow Tie, including Tri-Fives, Chevelles, Novas, Vettes, and (of course) Camaros.


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