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Hurst’s Billet/Plus 2 Shifter for the 5th-Gen Camaro

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By now, all of you who read Super Chevy should have a pretty good idea about how cool the fifth-gen Camaro is. Chevrolet has done a stellar job making the car feel like a muscle car of the past, with gobs of power and retro styling. One area that could use some immediate attention if you have a manual transmission is the stock shifter.

Even though the six-speed transmission works well, the factory shifter leaves a lot to be desired. Around town it'll suffice, but in any aggressive driving situation it doesn't perform to the same high level as the rest of the vehicle. Downshifting going into a corner is particularly bad. There's too much play, too much flex, and little accuracy. Same goes for powershifting at the strip. Hurst Shifters has been improving transmission performance for decades by creating better short-throw units, which helps drivers get better track times.

When Chevrolet finally released the fifth-gen Camaro, Hurst jumped right on it and created the Billet/Plus 2 shifter for manual trans-equipped V-6 and V-8 models. We have seen a bunch of new Camaros at autocross events with the Hurst shifter being used, and the owners all rave about its performance. We decided it was high time for us to see what all the hype is about. We grabbed one of the units and took it over to Hotchkis Suspension to install on their fifth-gen test mule. The installation was pretty straightforward, not requiring any obscure toolsùjust standard stuff. One thing to note with this job is that the bulk of the work is done from under the car, so you will need a jack and some stands or a lift to get it in.

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