LS Engine Swap Tips - Heart Transplant

Here are the latest products to help you swap an LS motor into your vintage Chevy.

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All Gen III/IV engines share a common transmission bolt pattern. It is the same as the traditional Chevy pattern, with one missing bolt. The center hole on the passenger side is not drilled or tapped in production blocks because the hole would protrude into the water jacket. Obviously, a new 4L-series transmission will bolt right up without any issues, but you will need a controller for it.

For computer-controlled transmissions, check out the new TCI EZ-TCU by FAST. No software, laptop or tuning experience is required. Simply install this new transmission control unit according to the enclosed instructions, and then start the system by answering the simple Setup Wizard questions on the included handheld unit. It is fully configured and ready to run right out of the box, but for those who demand customization the unit is also optionally fully programmable based on load, speed and rpm.

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Performance Automatic offers a 4L60E GM Electronic Overdrive Transmission Street Smart Package for all LS-powered vehicles. This package includes a Stage 1 4L60E transmission that features many gear-train and hydraulic modifications, a custom-built 2,500 lock-up stall converter, a new rubber mount, the company's Smart Shift Trans controller (no laptop required), dipstick, filler tube and a one-year warranty.

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Quick Time offers an SFI-certified bellhousing to bolt just about any trans behind your LS engine, including Tremecs, Richmonds and all the popular GM units. These will bolt right to the back of the LS and then allow for the manual trans of your choice all in an SFI-approved package.

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Accessory Drive Systems

Almost every vehicle GM builds with an LS engine has a different accessory drive. Because of availability, the most popular systems used in engine swaps are the Corvette and the F-car. Another popular system is from the CTS-V. It tucks in closer to the engine and works well in limited-space applications. If you like smooth and shiny, then you can look to companies like March or Billet Specialties. Remember, the crank pulley must match the accessory drive system you are using

The Eddie Motorsports drive system brackets and pulleys are CNC-machined from high-quality billet aluminum. The systems utilize stainless steel hardware for longevity. All of the systems are available in machined finish, polished, anodized or powdercoated in various colors. Complete systems include the following billet parts: crank pulley, water pump pulley, P/S pump pulley, alternator pulley, A/C compressor cover, tensioner cover, A/C compressor manifold and all necessary brackets.

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Billet Specialties' top-mount kit really makes it easy to cover the front-end accessory drive part. The LS motors bought used come from many platforms and have three different versions of a crank pulley/balancer and just as many water pumps. Tru Trac solves this problem because you get the water pump (from Edelbrock) and the crank damper (from ATI) along with the other components to ensure it all lines up and the customer does not have to spend time identifying what damper and water pump he has and what will or will not work with it. The Tru Trac includes everything you need to walk away with a complete front engine accessory drive system that only has to be plumbed for power steering and A/C.

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This single-belt serpentine system is a complete front engine solution. The compact design eliminates interference with A/C compressor and crossmember. These kits will fit LS-series and other GM Gen-III and Gen-IV engines, including the LQ9 and L92 GM crate engines, and they will work with LS1- and LS2-style throttle bodies. These easy-to-install systems are supplied with everything you need on the front of the engine, including new water pump, SFI-approved harmonic damper, belt and chrome hardware. Kits with power steering include lightweight aluminum pump with billet aluminum mini reservoir.

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