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Rare 1972 Chevy Nova with a Sky Roof - Resto Tech

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Mark Lundquist Feb 1, 2009
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Make Mine Rare, Please
I recently got my hands on a 1972 Chevy Nova with a sky roof. The top is tan and the body itself has only 48,000 on the odometer. The car hasn't been out of the garage since 1979. I personally know the original owner, who, finally, after all these years, decided to sell it to me. It has a little rust, but no major surgery is needed. My question is even though this is not an SS and only has the 307, is this car still hard to get being that it has a sky roof with no tears or rips in it? I searched the Internet for sky roof Novas, but the resources are very few if any. Are there any facts about this Nova that you Super Chevy guys know about? Any help would be greatly appreciated. From one Chevy guy to another, I just want to say thanks in advance.
-Keith Nicklowicz
Via e-mail

Thanks for the letter, Keith. Some years back this same question came from one of our readers but involved a 1975 Nova with what was called a "sky roof." Pictures were included with the question showing a '75 Nova with what looked like a factory installed sky roof. After a few days of research, we discovered the car had been originally bought by an Army officer and shipped to Germany for his use. The sunroof was installed by a German Chevrolet dealer who specialized in sunroof modifications for just about any model Chevy. Turns out more than a few were converted in Germany and then shipped back to the U.S. after the veteran's duty had expired. It did throw us a curve at the time, but the information was interesting.

No mystery with your Nova sky roof, however, as 1972 and 1973 were the only years the sky roof was available in the Nova line. Out of a total of 349,733 Novas built in 1972, only 6,822 units received the sky roof option. For 1973, it was still an option, and 3,259 were installed. To say it is rare is an understatement, especially one that is intact and operational. You have one uncommon option, being that it came in at number three on the color list. The Regular Production Order (RPO) code for the tan sky roof was 353 units. Blue was the lowest number ordered with only 164 made and pewter came in at 202. Your RPO code for tan was WV9. Below is a list of all colors available and the numbers built. Congrats on your find.

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Tip Of The Month
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