Chevy Performance Packages - Performance Pack Picks, Part 2

Would Major Performance For A $5,000-Or-Less Budget Interest You?

Dan Ryder Oct 17, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Life is like a board game; forward progress is determined by small amounts of skill and large amounts of luck. Whether it's a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel, your fate is left to chance. Some say your actions dictate your future, while others believe life is what you make it. No matter which way you view life, Lady Luck plays a large part. All we can do is enjoy ourselves, live within our means, and wait for those occasional streaks of good luck to come along

For motorheads, things are slightly different. We may try to live within our means, follow a budget, and save whatever extra cash Lady Luck may bring our way, but our addiction often conflicts. "What addiction?" you may ask. No matter the situation (good, bad or indifferent) all will be shoved to the side in order to keep our hot rods in tip-top-shape. "So what if the mortgage is due-I have a race this weekend!" Sound familiar?

In last month's issue of (Sept. '07) we introduced Part 1 of our Performance Pack Picks. These picks were based on a $1,500 budget, and many options were displayed. In Part 2, we're upping the ante to $5,000. We're offering this information to help assist in getting the most for your dollar. Hopefully these examples will help keep you within your budget, along with keeping your significant other off your tail. As always, research all items before making the final purchase.

Sucp_0710_01_z Chevy_power_packages GMPP_LS_crate_engine 2/10

So you want to step into the 21st century, but can't stand to be bothered with fuel injection. GM Performance Parts has provided you with the best of both worlds.

GMPP's LS 364/440 crate engine (part number 17802134) can provide you with today's technology in horsepower and efficiency, while bolting on your trusty old four-barrel carburetor. Additional items are necessary to retrofit this 364-cid animal into your ride, such as an aftermarket spark controller, or an LS Front Drive Distributor Kit.

Coming in at an approximate price of $4,980, this would make a great start to any project.

Engine Features:
* 440 horsepower
* 10.9:1 compression
* 6-bolts mains
* LS6-style cylinder heads
* 500/.500-inch lift camshaft
* Powdered-metal rods
* Nodular iron crankshaft

GM Performance Parts
Phone: (800) GM-USE-US

Sucp_0710_03_z Chevy_power_packages 5_speed_transmission 3/10

Ever consider swapping out that automatic transmission or Muncie 4-speed for a fun to drive 5-speed? Classic Chevy 5-Speed has the answer to your craving. A complete kit can be had for just about any Classic Chevy out there. When we say complete, we mean it. No unexpected trips to the parts store.

Pictured here is the popular Elite Tremec TKO-600 street kit for 1967-1981 Camaros. Kits are available in many options, whether it's a complete swap, or a simple upgrade. This particular unit is capable of handling up to 600 lb-ft of torque. That's pretty stout for a street kit. This complete kit checks in at $3,595 minus the offset shifter, which will run you an additional $295. The optional offset shifter will allow you to retain the stock shifter location. Additional upgrades include a McLeod Strip Comp clutch at $435, a McLeod SFI scattershield (steel bellhousing) for an additional $195-and, if you're converting from an automatic, a complete clutch/brake pedal and linkage kit for $350. That brings our total to around $4,870. Not bad for some virtually bulletproof fun.

Classic Chevy 5-Speed
(760) 438-2244

Sucp_0710_02_z Chevy_power_packages World_products_572_block 4/10

Maybe old school Chevy big-block power is what you're after. You ponder as to what to do with that tired old 454. After weighing the costs of rebuilding and upgrading your current powerplant, you could've already had a race-ready 572-inch short-block on its way from World Products.

World can build you a 468- to 632-inch big-block, using its virtually indestructible Merlin block as the foundation. Most short-blocks come with a high- or low-compression option, depending on your needs. With a price tag of $4,899, be sure to weigh all options before rebuilding that tired-old short-block.

572 Features:
* High-density cast iron
* CNC-machined
* 10.2-inch deck height
* Priority main oiling
* Nodular, splayed 4-bolt mains
* Manley forged pistons
* Eagle 4340-forged crank
* Eagle H-beam rods
* Race shop assembly

World Products
(631) 981-1918




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