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T5 Transmission Build - Project Road Rage, V.3

The Boys At G-Force Transmissions Cook Up A T5 That Will Be Dropped Into Our Road Racer-But It's Also Perfect For Just About Any Street/Strip Application

Thomas J. Lyman Jun 26, 2007
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Our third-gen Camaro road racing project is coming along nicely, thanks in large part to the students out at Norco High School in California. In our last installment, we got the Moser rear in, and attached the Bilstein components to the car. Slowly but surely, this one-time junkyard beater is coming back to life as a corner-carving animal.

While we anxiously await our slew of parts coming in from Year One (stay tuned for an entire article dedicated to the famous 1LE front components), and the kids out in California clean the car up with all the awesome products Eagle One has provided for the project, we decided to look for a transmission. The rules are fairly strict in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Camaro-Mustang Challenge, calling for: "Any OEM stock four-, five- or six-speed transmission that was originally offered in an eligible model car of the same manufacturer." We decided to give the great folks at G-Force Transmissions a call, as we knew its T5 Street 5-Speed upgrade kit would be perfect for getting the most out of what the rules allow.

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Here we have the G-Force Transmissions assembly room, where all the "magic" happens. Over to the left, longtime employee Mike "Bubba" Mastller appears to be working at the speed of light-in actuality he really does, as he can finish a T5 in about four hours. He figures that in his seven years at G-Force, he has assembled thousands of transmissions. Over the next few pages, we will witness Bubba build the T5 that should supply the Super Chevy road racing crew with some hardware (trophies) over the next few years.

G-Force has been in the transmission game for over 15 years, and supplies boxes to many top Nextel Cup and NHRA teams. G-Force also has a complete line of upgrade kits and complete transmissions for street cars as well. In short, you really can't find a better product that offers a "no compromise" approach to quality and performance. The G-Force T5 kit we selected to drop into the Camaro offers high-nickel-content gears (that are tooled right on site with G-Force's massive array of CNC machines), a heavy-duty input shaft, and upgraded bronze/aluminum shift forks. We also opted to use a new main and tail housing. The beauty of the kit is that you can send in your old battered T5, have G-Force install the kit, and have it sent back to you in as-good-as-new condition, and with parts that are built to withstand extremely high horsepower applications.

G-Force can also build an entirely new transmission from new housings as well, as was the case with our T5. If a serious racing application is your desire, G-Force also has dog-ring straight cut and helical cut dog-ring gears for lightning-fast upshifts.

After watching the pros at G-Force build the T5, we can't wait to get it out in the racecar and get down to some serious heel-toe downshifting into the corners of California's road racing circuits.


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