Pa Racer And Flaming River - Rack 'em Up!

Pa Racing And Flaming River Help Give Your Third-Gen A Better Feel - Even With The Wheels Off The Ground.

Dan Ryder Aug 8, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0707_17_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Install_steering_rack 2/24

Next step is to begin installation of the steering rack. Once laid upon the rack mounts, install all the mounting bolts. On the passenger side you're required to install this billet clamp. Once all is aligned, tighten all fasteners.

Sucp_0707_18_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Connect_rack 3/24

Next, the rack must be connected to the spindles. In order to accomplish this, we opted for PA's bump steer kit. You must drill out the spindle first to accommodate the large 11/42-inch bolt.

Sucp_0707_19_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Install_bolts 4/24

Once the Heim joint-style tie rod ends were installed, we installed the 11/42-inch bolts with the provided spacers. The key to the spacers is to have the rod-ends close to level with the ground once suspension is loaded.

Sucp_0707_20_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Bottom_view 5/24

Here's a shot of the bottom half buttoned up. We had plenty of clearance between the oil pan, K-member, and rack. With the removal of the steering box we also helped center weight within the front end.

Sucp_0707_23_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Steering_shaft 6/24

Last, but not least: the steering shaft. We tried to install the shaft with two joints (once up top, and one at rack) until we found the header tube was right in our path. A quick call to PA and a Heim joint kit was on the way to remedy the situation. Pictured here is a bracket that we fabricated in order to mount the Heim joint. It was welded to the K-member.

Sucp_0707_21_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Fitting_steering_shaft 7/24

Take your time. Measuring and fitting of the steering shaft is very time consuming. Once all was measured, we used a cut-off wheel to cut down the shaft. Measure twice, cut once. Once all shafts were cut to size, they were test fit several times. We then proceeded to set the vehicle on the ground and turn the steering wheel to check for binding or deflection of any kind. Luckily after our second test fit everything worked out and there were no problems. It's advised that Loctite be used on the universal joint set screws for added insurance.

Sucp_0707_22_z Pa_racing_and_flaiming_river Completed 8/24

Finally, here's the end result of our problem-child-turned-honor-student. Not only does it look good, but it actually turns too. Next, the Camaro will be treated to a full-blown front-end alignment and, hopefully, a track test.


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