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Jim Meyer Pro-Touring Subframe - Front And Center

Jim Meyer Racing's Second-Gen Clip Takes The Stage

Dakota Wentz Feb 12, 2007
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In recent years, it seems that it's all about what your packin' up front. One way to secure your position on the totem pole is to swap out the original clip of your subframed ride for a newer, more efficient aftermarket clip. A good number of manufacturers have front and rear clips for First-Gen Camaros and Novas, but when it comes to Second-Gen Camaros, you had to rethink your options...until now. New to the scene is the Jim Meyer Racing Products clip for '70-'81 Camaros, featured exclusively by Super Chevy.

The new Jim Meyer Pro-Touring subframe is a custom-designed, jig-built, direct-replacement clip with modern-day handling, stopping, and steering. The fully adjustable bolt-in chassis features 3-4 inches of stance adjustment, has adjustable upper and lower tubular A-arms, an option of either Jim Meyers drop spindles or stock-replacement spindles, and is complete with a pre-drilled transmission crossmember for all the popular GM gearboxes. The new clip not only offers the up-to-date benefits of handling, stopping, and steering, it also provides more room up front. Because of the clip's tubular construction, it serves up a narrower 60-inch front track that will accommodate both big- or small-block power, and the 2x4x0.188-inch wall subframe construction allows for more header room, as well. Even more beneficial is the new Jim Meyer subframe, which enables the user to run a maximum backspacing of 5 inches on a 15-inch wheel, and on a larger wheel, such as an 18-inch model, a backspacing of up to 6 inches is allowed. Basically, you can throw on a 315-series tire up front. The subframe will also shave off 212 pounds from your car's front end, due to its lightweight, yet durable construction. The subframe also features mounts to use the stock core support, engine and trans, body mounts, and bumper bracket mounts all in their original locations.

The subframe is offered with several options. Straight out of the box, the unit comes standard with 11-inch GM disc brakes, 1-inch diameter sway bar, manual rack-and-pinion steering, and QA1 adjustable coilover shocks. For better brakes, Jim Meyer gives you the option to choose from either Baer or Wilwood binders. Jim Meyer also offers two-inch drop spindles to enhance the stance of your ride, and a power rack-and-pinion steering is available, as well. If you're not diggin' the coilover shock option, the clip is available with an Air Ride Technologies ShockWave suspension system. For any Second-Gen Camaro owner who is looking to bring their ride into the 21st Century, Jim Meyer Racing has provided a solid step in the right direction.


Jim Meyer Racing Products
Lincoln City, OR 97367



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