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15 hot new goodies for the original small-block

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9. March is looking out for the builder on a budget with this low cost "all inclusive" serpentine kit for Chevy small-block. It replaces your low performance V-belts and pulleys to eliminates belt throwing. They are CNC machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum and the brand name accessories are included, like the Powermaster alternator, Sanden A/C compressor, power steering unit, water pump, pulleys, brackets and all mounting hardware are in the kit. The kits are available in a black or silver.

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March Performance Inc


10. The MSD DynaForce line of starters is designed for more torque and power to get your mouse fired up. Power comes from a 3.4hp motor with a 4.4:1 gear reduction for incredible torque. Every MSD starter is dyno tested and supplied with a performance report. The solenoids are blueprinted and the handmade armatures are dual plane balanced for long service life. The starter only weights in at 10.5 pounds but still has the ability to crank over an 18:1 compression engine. The MSD starters are hand built in the USA and are not rebuilt or refurbished units

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MSD Performance


11. Proform has just released this carbon fiber look dress up kit for Mouse motors. These parts are stamped steel with a smooth carbon fiber-appearing film adhered to the surface. The complete kit includes a pair of tall valve covers, rubber grommets, baffles, a 14-inch classic style air cleaner kit, black Bowtie center nut, and a 3-inch air breather cap all for just $299.99.

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Proform/Specialty Auto Parts


12. These Pro Elite 23-degree CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads are from RHS. Engineers at RHS have recently designed a 23-degree aluminum head that is CNC- ported from the factory. The precision accuracy and durability are derived from the precision CNC-porting of the intake and exhaust runners, as well as the combustion chamber. The heads feature CNC-ported 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust runners. The 2.055-inch multi-angle intake and 1.600-inch radius exhaust seats allow for superior airflow, CNC-ported 69cc combustion chamber relieves valve shrouding & improves airflow efficiency

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13. These cast steel roller tip rocker arms from Summit Racing are constructed out of chromoly steel and are ideal for stock rebuilds or mild performance engines. The roller tip means less deflection and valve guide scrubbing. Each long-slot rocker features a precision-ground roller and includes a grooved, heat-treated rocker ball and nut. They are designed for stock 1.25-inch diameter valve springs and 3/8-inch rocker arm studs. They come in 1.5 and 1.6 ratios for any '55-86 Chevy 265-400.

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Summit Racing Equipment


14. Small-block Chevy engines are capable of making big horsepower. However, durability at high rpm can be compromised by an inferior flexplate. In order to prevent this common failure in performance applications, TCI developed a precision stamped steel flexplate that is 0.035 of an inch thicker than factory flexplates. The extra thickness will provide years of reliable service, making it a must have for any internally balanced Gen 1 performance application. The ring gear is custom machined to form a perfect I.D. circle before the flexplate is welded in place on both sides. This creates a better, stronger fit that minimizes runout, ring gear bounce and other damaging problems. The 168-tooth flexplate is dynamically balanced to eliminate potentially damaging vibrations and electro-coated to protect against damaging elements.

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15. Leave it to Trick Flow Specialties to make a better carb intake manifold for the small block Chevy. The CNC-machined aluminum manifold has integral bosses for nitrous nozzles and extra material for custom port work. The dual plane design has high-flow individual runners for increased torque; air space below the plenum works to keep the air/fuel mixture cooler for additional power. It's designed for 4150-style carburetors with a basic operating rpm range of 1,500-6,000 rpm.

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Trick Flow Specialties



Trick Flow Specialties
Tallmadge, OH 44278
Billet Specialties
La Grange, 60526
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN 38118
Proform Parts (Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A.)
Warren, MI 48089
Performance Distributors
Memphis, TN 38132
Memphis, TN 38118
Ashland, MS 38603
Eddie Motorsports
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Holley Performance Products
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Dart Heads
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