1967 Chevrolet Chevelle AMD Project - How Much Project Can You Handle?

Before getting into a new car, there are things to take into account so you don’t end up getting blindsided

Patrick Hill May 23, 2011 0 Comment(s)

Value is the most subjective factor in the scale, mostly in the sentimental area. Take our example car. Say this car was your first car. Or your father bought it new. Perhaps there’s some other memory that makes you willing to sacrifice a lot before ever selling it. If that’s the case, start cranking up the value. Say the value goes up to an eight. Since most of that value goes towards sentimentality instead of monetary, the cost of restoring said car (depending on its condition) versus its real world value puts a wrinkle into the restoration question.

Notoriously, potential customers make the comment I don’t want to have more money in the car than it’s worth’ and my response is then you should not restore a car, because there is no hidden guarantee as to the hidden needs/costs of the project.

We asked Jim to give his take on our ’67. Here’s what he had to say:

I would place this car as a 5 on the rarity scale, as ’67 SS396s are common to find. As for desirability, I rank it a 7, as ’67 Chevelles are in demand. These rankings result in a 6 on the value scale.

For another view on the whole Is it worth restoring? question, we asked Craig Hopkins, owner of C. Hopkins Rod & Custom and the man turning the wrenches on this project, for his thoughts.

Is it worth restoring? This is a decision that usually isn’t based on a dollar-and-cents basis. It just doesn’t make senseit is almost always emotional. What you get back when you drive the car of your dreams, well to coin the phrase, it’s priceless.

The reason for restoring any particular car is as many as the cars being restored. Any project being restored to meet a desire will be way more fun than trying to restore for profit. If you restore it, then please enjoy it.


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