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On The Menu Today: Seven Different Big-Inch Small-Block Power Recipes.

Richard Holdener Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

900HP 400 Engine Specs

Bore x Stroke: 4.125 x 3.75
Compression: 11.0:1
Cam: Comp Cams Blower 300BR-14
Lift: 0.575/0.575
Duration: 255/262
Lobe Sep: 114
Heads: Dr. J's Profiler
In/Ex Port Vol: 242cc/84cc
In/Ex Flow: 335/242 CFM @ 0.700
Valve Sizes: 2.08/1.6
Chamber: 68cc
Intake Manifold: Dr. J's ported Edelbrock Super Victor
Carburetor: CSU-Modified Holley 1,000HP Headers: Hooker 1 3/4
Power Adder: Supercharger
Supercharger: Vortech YSI
Boost: 13.5 PSI
Oiling System: Moroso

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All superchargers are not created equal. Actually it would be more accurate to state that all superchargers do not produce the same boost or power curves. The Roots blower used on our 800HP combination offered immediate boost response. This compares to the linear boost curve that increases with engine speed provided by a centrifugal supercharger. Basically the Roots blower offers better low-speed response, while the centrifugal offers superior top-end power. The Vortech was applied to our ProComp 400-inch short block. Since we were looking for 900 hp, the SBC was configured with a solid roller (blower grind) cam and a set of Profiler heads from Dr. J's. The Profiler heads featured full CNC porting that produced 242cc intake ports and peak flow numbers of 328 CFM on the intake and 242 CFM on the exhaust. For dyno use, we installed a pulley combination that produced a peak boost reading of 13.3 PSI at 6,600 RPM. In normally aspirated trim, the 400 produced a little over 600HP and 530 lb-ft of torque. Run with the Vortech YSI (producing a peak boost reading of 13.3 PSI), the supercharged small-block pumped out 1,005HP at 6,600 RPM and 820 lb-ft of torque at 5,900 RPM.

Sucp_1012_11 Small_block_chevy_engines 900HP_400_dyno_graph 3/16

1,000HP 383 Engine Specs

Bore x Stroke: 4.03x3.75
Compression: 9.5:1
Cam: Comp Cams Custom Roller
Lift 0.682/0.688
Duration 248/254
Lobe Sep: 113
Heads: Trick Flow Specialties Super 23 Aluminum
In/Ex Port Vol: 230cc/78cc
In/Ex Flow: 325/235 CFM @ 0.700
Valve Sizes: 2.08/1.6
Chamber: 68cc
Intake Manifold: Fast Single Plane EFI
Carburetor: NA
Injectors: 160 lbs/hr
Headers: Custom Turbo
Power Adder: Twin Turbos
Turbos: Comp Turbo 74mm
Intercooler: Air to Water (Ice Water)
Boost: 10+ PSI
Oiling System: Milodon

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The final power recipes was this 1,000HP example. Actually, this 383 produced more than 1,600HP with the boost cranked up, but run at just 10.7 PSI, this impressive small-block thumped out 1,073HP and 865 lb-ft of torque. The 383 featured a full Lunati forged rotating stroker assembly, Trick Flow Specialties Super 23 230 heads and a custom solid roller cam from Comp Cams. Comp Turbo supplied a pair of 74mm turbos (capable of supporting 950HP each). The trick turbos featured billet aluminum center sections set up to accept water cooling. The turbos fed a custom air-to-water intercooler run with ice water. Unlike all of our carbureted combinations, this one featured a FAST XFI management system. FAST also supplied the intake, fuel rails and 160-pound injectors. Note the relatively flat torque curve from 4,900-6,500 RPM. The turbos were sized to allow this small block to exceed 1,600HP and as such, were a tad on the large size for this lower power level. Smaller turbos would equal the power output while offering much better low-speed response, but they were needed once the boost was crank up.

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