Small Block Chevy Engines - Stroker Soup

On The Menu Today: Seven Different Big-Inch Small-Block Power Recipes.

Richard Holdener Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

We obviously love building and testing small-block strokers here at Super Chevy, but no matter how successful our build up, there is always a problem. Not a problem with the engine itself, but a problem with the readers. Invariably someone will ask the ever-popular "What if?" question, as in, what if we ran a different cam, or heads, or intake manifold on our particular combination?

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While we always welcome questions and comments here at Super Chevy, it is obviously impossible to run every possible combination. Since one is not enough, and there is no way we can run them all, we decided to do the next best thing by offering up a little Stroker Soup. Included in this gourmet dish are no less than seven different small-block stroker combinations, ranging in power from 400HP all the way up to a 1,000HP, twin-turbo 383. Nestled in between these extremes are high-winding normally aspirated combos, nitrous motors and a pair of supercharged strokers (both Roots- and centrifugal-style).

We have provided all the necessary ingredients that went into each combination along with complete dyno graphs. This information should allow readers to easily duplicate the combinations, and whether you are looking for a 400hp crate motor or a 1,000-plus horsepower screamer, there is something on the menu.

Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair, because lunch is served! Bon appetit.

400HP 383 Engine Specs

Bore x Stroke 4.03x3.75
Compression 10.1:1
Cam: ProComp Hyd Roller
Lift 0.552/0.552
Duration 231/236
Lobe Sep: 110
Heads: Pro Comp 190cc aluminum (as cast)
In/Ex Port Vol: 190cc/72cc
In/Ex Flow: 245/190 CFM @ 0.600
Valve Sizes: 2.02/1.6
Chamber: 68cc
Intake Manifold: Pro Comp Dual-Plane Qualifier Plus
Carburetor: Holley 750HP
Header: Hooker 1 3/4
Oiling System: Stock

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Building a 383 that will produce 400HP is pretty basic. There are literally thousands of combinations that will easily surpass the 400HP mark, especially when the base engine displaces 383ci. What is nice is that the displacement hike over a typical 350 will offer a sizable chunk of additional torque lower in the rev range. This combination was basically a 383 crate motor currently offered by ProComp, with a few minor exceptions. Instead of the single-plane intake, we chose to top the 383 with a dual-plane Qualifier Plus. The combination also featured a dished piston from Probe Racing that produced a static compression of around 10.0:1 (the ProComp crate motors feature a flat-top slug). Run with the ProComp as-cast aluminum heads (190cc) and a healthy hydraulic roller cam, the 383 produced 444HP at 6,100 RPM and 439 lb-ft at 4,800 RPM. Though it is possible to configure a 400HP 383 with milder cam timing, we chose this one for its sound quality. Even with the healthy bump stick, torque production from the 383 exceeded 400 lb-ft from 4,000 RPM to 5,800 RPM.

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