1967 Chevy Camaro Project - The Unfair Advantage, Part 2

Prodigy Customs Sets The Engine Back And Customizes The Firewall On Its 200 Mph Street Camaro.

Frank Serafine Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

In plain English, moving the engine back 8 inches moves 2 percent of the weight from the front tires, and puts 2 percent more weight on the back tires, for a total swing of 4 percent.

Since we are probably around 54.5/45.5 already with the aluminum panels, the engine movement results in us being around 52.5/47.5 now.

We are also moving the driver and seats 4 inches backwards since the firewall moved. Let's figure 200 pounds for the driver and 50 pounds apiece for the seats. That gets us another half percent (1 percent overall), putting the car around 52/48, or around 1,682 front/1,553 rear.

We'll be moving more weight rearward in the coming months: battery, wiring, and electronics, along with additional front of car weight reduction to get to our goal of 50/50 weight distribution. We still need to move about 65 pounds from the front to the rear, or take another 130 pounds out of the front. The battery movement alone will get us a long way towards our goal.

We also moved the engine down 1.5 inches, lowering the COGH (center of gravity height) a like amount (the best approximation of a car's COGH is the camshaft height). Now we can use that awesome Auto Metal Direct 2-inch cowl aluminum hood!

All this movement from stock locations isn't free. We've compromised our A/C evaporator position, complicated the driver's ergonomics, pedals, steering wheel, and shifter), made the header fabrication more difficult, and we'll have to make custom motor and transmission mounts. We should be able to return to more standard parts and fabrication sequences now. - John Parsons


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