1967 Chevy Camaro Project - The Unfair Advantage

Super Chevy Follows Along As Prodigy Customs Builds A 200-Mph/8-Second/G-Machine Camaro.

Frank Serafine Aug 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

When laying out the build plan, we decided it was important that we build Project Unfair with as many off-the-shelf products as possible. This means reducing massive fabrication projects to a minimum. We want this project to be something you at home or your builder could duplicate with available aftermarket parts. Some of these parts are already available and other components being developed for Project Unfair will also be available to you soon. We think that is important.

One of the procedures we are doing that is "Unfair" is to raise the factory reproduction floor to lower the body-channel the body as is it called-to gain a lower stance. This stance will look very sinister, but also help with aerodynamics and lower the center of gravity all while maintaining complete suspension travel and best geometry.

Channeling, in most cases, requires eliminating all factory flooring, hand forming and bead rolling, all new floor panels, and redesigning every mount and provision. If you brought a car into our shop, a full custom fabricated sheetmetal floor from scratch is guestimated at 300 to 400 hours labor-it is a lot of work. Here we will show you how you can raise a factory reproduction floor 1.5-inches, effectively lowering the entire car the same amount at the rockers, and gain clearance under the car for pesky things like headers and exhaust.

You will be able to do this floor-raising in 60 to 100 hours max, and if your car needs a full floor anyway, you are only adding 30 to 60 hours to the project by raising the floor. And by using the reproduction factory floor you're going to able to use all the factory pick-up points, brackets, provisions, etc. You will also be able to use readily available aftermarket subframes, rear clips and rear suspensions-three-links, four-links, torque arms, even leafs if you so desire. There will be bumps along the way, as expected with this type of project; we are making some major changes. We will show you how we handle these hiccups; it is not as difficult as it sounds.

The advantages are substantial. Combining the floor raising/body channeling, the aftermarket suspension and additional upsweep in the frame, we're looking for 4- to 4.5-inch body drop, and a lowering of the COG (center or gravity) 2 full inches. Our donor car is rough with a capitol ROUGH, but we wanted it that way. Since we are replacing the complete floor at a different installed height, and since we want the roof off to do the best roll bar possible, and since it seems almost every Camaro left to be restored needs at least full outer sheetmetal, we figured we should find a rough one that would have been scrapped. Save another piece of Chevrolet muscle car-era history and have the most extreme rags to riches project ever, right?

We found the donor my son Michael "The Prodigy" affectionately nicknamed "Patches" in a trailer park on a dirt road with 10 other dilapidated unrestorable cars.

The majority of the structural patch work is done now, we wanted to get the floor in it ASAP to get some strength back in the body. Then we will go back to finishing little patches, then next month we will go into the firewall (and engine setback), along with the roll cage. Then comes the outer sheetmetal.




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