1967 Chevy Camaro Project - The Unfair Advantage

Super Chevy Follows Along As Prodigy Customs Builds A 200-Mph/8-Second/G-Machine Camaro.

Frank Serafine Aug 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Editor's Note: Typically, Super Chevy doesn't follow along on outside projects-you're lucky if they don't turn out to be complete disasters-but in this case, the offer was too enticing. Frank Serafine, owner of Prodigy Customs in nearby Apopka, Florida, and builder of our November 2009 cover cars, and John Parsons of II Much Fabrication, asked if we'd be interested in covering this build of a 200mph Camaro g-machine that'll run 8s in the quarter and be totally streetable. We figured we'd go along just for the heck of it.-Jim Campisano

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In this issue we start our first of many build installments on our Project Unfair Camaro. Over the next dozen months or so, we will cover the complete build from start to finish. And when we are done, we will run Project Unfair at major Pro Touring and challenge events around the country. Super Chevy Shows, of course, Optima Challenge and Optima qualifiers, and Goodguys are all on the list. The final schedule of events will come later.

This is a full-on effort to build the fastest all-around Pro Touring car on the planet. That is a pretty lofty goal, especially when you see exactly what we mean by all-around. This is not only going to be a great Pro Touring car. It'll be one that can compete on a high level against the world's greatest on autocross, road race, slalom, and streetabiliy. Quite honestly, with the incredible array of aftermarket parts available, it is pretty easy for anyone with the wallet and resources to build a car to do everything mentioned extremely well.

We are throwing a couple of extra requirements on our "all-around best" project by doing some of things other g-machines cannot or have not done. For example:

(1) 8.99 dragstrip times. No one has done it yet. The suspension is the big limiting factor. Suspensions designed for handling do not hook and go at the dragstrip very well. In the spirit of being "Unfair," we will be using a two-pulley method of boost for our engine, taking our mild-mannered, 700-horse pump gas motor to a 1,200hp, high octane fuel-snorting monster. Additionally, we will be using a dual-mode suspension that within a couple hours can be converted from killer road race/autocross set-up to a killer dragstrip set-up. You will learn about the suspension in a future article.

(2) 200 MPH Maxton Mile standing run. Again, a suspension change, and pulley change on our blower will give us the power and traction needed to blow past the 200 mph barrier and more.

Project Unfair has gotten its name for many reasons. In the spirit of the Mark Donohue book, "The Unfair Advantage," we pay tribute with a few unfair tricks of our own. A literal team of engineers and some of the Pro Touring community elite are working on unfair tricks we can use. A few of these Unfair Advantages have already mentioned above. And many more will be released as we can continue. But of particular importance now is something we are doing in this step-by-step article.




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