Tune Time Performance 2010 Camaro Weight Reduction - Camaro Lite

Dan Foley May 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

So far traction is not an issue but could become one as power increases-and if we replace the stock low-stall converter or step up the gearing from the stock 3.25s to the newly available (Richmond Gear) 3.73 or 4.10s. For now, the 275/40R-17 Hoosier drag radials (25.2 diameter, 10-inch tread width) were hooking well. Down the road we plan to use a 27- to 28-inch diameter tire with more sidewall to absorb the shock of the added power along with the advantage of a larger contact patch.

After a one-hour cool-down Matt hit the Atco tarmac again. This time the 60-foot dropped to a 1.81 and the 1,320 was covered in 11.65 at 121.02 mph. Another backup pass showed us an 11.69 at 120.78 mph.

With only 18psi in the rear drag radials, we decided to pump up the pressure to 24psi for less rolling resistance. The front skinnies were already at 40 psi so we were good there. Following another one-hour cool-down the Camaro flew down the track to its best ever e.t., an 11.62 at 121.33 mph.

We'll find out in an upcoming issue if the 17s can still hook when a power adder becomes a part of this '10 Camaro's package.


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