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1970 Chevelle Body Panels - Body Building: Project American Heroes III, Part 2

Project American Heroes III Is A Chevelle And The Build Has Begun.

Arvid Svendsen Nov 1, 2009
Sucp_0911_01_z 1970_chevelle_body_panels Front_end 2/21

Back in the early '80s, when we had hair bands and I had hair, I was with a bunch of guys who were working on a '69 Camaro. New quarters were being fitted in place with a new GM tail panel. My buddy turned to me and said, "The Chevy dealer told me this is the last tailpanel I'll be able to get because GM is no longer making them."

Stunned at the enormity of the impact of that statement, I remember thinking that I might be watching one of the last Camaros to ever be properly restored.

Suffice it to say, my fears were unfounded. Not only is new sheetmetal readily available for most of the popular Chevy muscle cars, it is now at the point where high quality parts, equal to OEM quality and crispness in every way, are available. Project American Heroes III, the '70 Chevelle that is being constructed at Route 66 Motorsports in New Lenox, Illinois, is a major benefactor of said high quality sheetmetal thanks to the willingness and generosity of National Parts Depot (NPD) to be involved as a major sponsor of the 2009 PAH fundraiser for the Armed Forces Foundation.

Sucp_0911_04_z 1970_chevelle_body_panels Quarter_panel_cut 3/21

Nick Jelinek uses the plasma cutter to sever the old quarter-panels from the PAH III Chevelle. Prior to cutting, lines are drawn to clearly mark the exact location for the cuts.

National Parts Depot offers a full line of parts for Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and other Brand X cars, and trucks. Its easy-to-navigate, highly informative website offers complete access to online ordering, making every page of every catalog a matter of a few clicks on the mouse. Because of NPD's numerous locations across the fruited plain, delivery is quick and reasonable.

The highly trained and talented crew at Route 66 Motorsports had the new sheetmetal mocked up within a matter of days after receiving it, as the guys set to fine tune the new panels into perfect harmony with each other. Follow along as the Project American Heroes '70 Chevelle takes shape.



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