1992 Camaro Small Block - Fast Burn Long-Block

With Help From GM Performance Parts, We Assemble A Stout Small-Block To Give A Tired '92 Camaro New Life.

Patrick Hill Oct 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0910_27_z 1992_camaro_small_block Oil_pump 2/27

Before setting lifter preload, we used a GMPP oil pump primer and electric drill to pump up the lifters to get proper preload. This also helped to pre-lube the engine and prime the oil pump.

With the lifters pumped up, we could set lifter preload. Our rocker arms came with locking adjuster nuts, so we had to back out the locking screw first. Then, while turning the pushrod by hand, tighten the adjuster nut until you can't move the pushrod. Then turn the adjuster nut a half a turn, tighten the locking screw, and you're done. The method for setting lifter pre-load is to do one cylinder at a time.

First you turn the crankshaft by hand, until the exhaust rocker/valve begins to open. When this happens, set the INTAKE lifter preload. Then turn the engine again, until the intake rocker/valve is almost closed. Stop, then set the EXHAUST lifter preload. The reason for this method is lifter preload must be set with the lifter on the base circle of the cam lobe. This how you tell when a lifter is on the base circle for intake and exhaust. Repeat this procedure for all cylinders.

With everything set it was time to button up the engine. To make it look nice but not too flashy, we went with this engine dress-up kit from GM Performance Parts in metallic gray, PN 141-360. It includes valve and timing covers, air cleaner assembly, matching valve cover hold down tabs and wing nuts, and breather cap.

Here's how the motor looks, all buttoned up and ready to go. Watch for a later story where we'll show the motor going into the '92 Camaro, and see how much power it puts out on the chassis dyno.




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