1970 Chevelle Project - Project American Heroes III

Project American Heroes III Is A Chevelle And The Build Has Begun.

Arvid Svendsen Oct 20, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Imperial Blasting has invested countless hours of research and in-shop testing to develop its own proprietary media called IB Mineral. The IB Mineral used on Project American Heroes III produced a clean, undamaged surface with zero warpage and no damage to the metal. Tested on hundreds of cars, the IB Mineral has been found to deliver optimal results.

Imperial Blasting has stripped cars for some of the top builders in the country, including Troy Trepanier and the Ring Brothers.

Rather than attempt repairing the tired sheetmetal, the driver¿s quarter was removed. Believing that factory metal should be saved if at all possible, Jelinek decided to keep the passenger quarter in place during the blasting to see if it was worth saving.

Stripped to bare metal, the car sits at Route 66 Motorsports awaiting reconstructive surgery. The Imperial Blasting process removed the surface rust safely, leaving us with a satin smooth, undamaged surface suitable for body work and paint.

Both floors and rocker panels were in very good condition. Properly able to assess the condition of the passenger side quarter-panel, Bill decided to simply replace both driver and passenger sides.

Bill Jelinek's son Nick is put in charge of the metal replacement. The passenger side quarter is carefully cut free from the factory welds and removed.

Nick takes out his trusty hammer and dolly and carefully straightens out the mating surface for the new quarter-panel.

The door jamb and window ledge areas receive special attention. In the process of preparing the surfaces, the new quarter is mocked up and removed to insure perfect fit.

The rear windsow channel is cleaned up with the high speed grinder for a nice clean edge for panel installation.




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